Blocking Disclosure

The ‘we are alone in the Universe’ cover story began shortly after WWII when humanity attracted all kinds of cosmic visitors in the wake of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan and subsequent testing of nuclear bombs.

At the time, this sector of space was part of dark held territory under the dark’s umbrella organization known as the Ankara Alliance. Because of this, the ETs who had access to earth were members of the Alliance and came in service to self, or service to the dark. Still, the earth’s dark succeeded in an official cover up of ET activity here on earth, meanwhile forming alliances and gaining technological advantages over the rest of humanity.

The playing field shifted dramatically in the mid-1990s when Ankara, the dark creator god, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised all Alliance members to do likewise. The earth’s dark went rogue at that time and continued their attempts to gain total control over humanity and exploit both humanity and the planet to suit their self-interest.

Suddenly, the ET cover-up took on new urgency and became a matter of life or death to the earth’s dark. This sector of space became safe for Light based civilizations. Dark civilizations left this sector of space and Light based civilizations came in great numbers, along with their abundance technologies, including free energy and travel by intention. The earth’s dark knows that once the ET cover-up ends, so does their reign here on earth.

Fortunately for the earth’s dark masters, all Light based ETs are observant of Cosmic Law and a prime tenet of Cosmic Law is to only go where invited.

That is humanity’s present dilemma, often called Disclosure. The Light based ETs will not make themselves known until invited by duly elected earth based officials. To date, the dark has been able to prevent a suitable invite; except one notable exception.

Can an individual country make such an invite? That is a tricky question and I do not know the full answer. Russia is leading the way in this regard and has already formed Light based alliances with at least one race of Light based ETs.  The dark no longer controls the Russians and disclosure is happening within this large and powerful country.

This has sent the earth’s dark into full fledge panic mode. They know their only chance to prevent disclosure is to create a war with the Russians, e.g. the world vs. Russia and that is what is playing out before us with the Paris attacks, the downed Russian passenger plane over Egypt, the shooting down of a Russian military jet and many other lesser known events. Fortunately, Russia knows the agenda and will not be goaded into war with the west (which remains under dark control).

These dark attempts at starting a war with Russia are killing hundreds of innocent people and the Light based earth alliance is being galvanized into taking decisive action. How all of this will play out, I do not know.

What I do know is the tide is quickly turning in favour of the earth’s Light and their Light based ET allies. Soon…perhaps very soon…the earth’s Light will take decisive action. Disclosure will become common knowledge. Those blocking disclosure will either surrender or be arrested. The result…humanity will shift into a shared timeline based in Light for the first time in thousands of years.

Now that will be a happy day!!!

Freedom for humanity…

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