Control of the Media

At the very top of the human dark is a small group of families (about 100) that trace their bloodlines back to the medieval country of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. These families have a central planning system made up of five to seven planners, all family members, who are appointed for life. Their job is to plan the family’s strategy for gaining control over the rest of humanity. These strategies are then turned over to the patriarchs of the families who put the plans into action. The planners and the patriarchs form the highest level of what many are calling the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia).

An essential plank in the RKM’s strategy is control of the media. The RKM has unlimited financial resources coming from their control of the world’s financial systems and their ownership of the major banks and these resources have been used to buy and bully their way into world-wide media control. What they can’t buy, they take and the RKM is utterly ruthless as it relates to media control…it is that important to them for obvious reasons.

Until the mid-1990s, Earth was part of dark held territory and the RKM was well supported by these dark off-world bosses. With this kind of support, the RKM could afford to relax their editorial control of the media, allowing well meaning employees to do investigative reporting, knowing this built up humanity’s trust in the media and that the RKM could handle the occasional expose of portions of their dark empires.

Investigative reporting is an endangered species at the present time. The RKM are being threatened on every front and they no longer allow investigative reporters the necessary independence to do this kind of work. Editorial control is being tightened and only the dark’s cover stories are being allowed media exposure. I have seen two recent movies about investigative reporting, one in television and the other in the press, and both had investigative reporting divisions with considerable autonomy. This kind of autonomy is no longer being allowed. Dark ownership is tightening the control screws. This naturally has the effect of losing the trust of the public but in the panic mode that exists within the RKM and their dark supporters, that is a price the dark are willing to pay.

The dark’s control of humanity’s media has to end. It is completely inappropriate for any segment of humanity to control the media and especially inappropriate for those with self-interested agendas. The job of the media is to provide information and prevent self-interest from succeeding. In Light based societies, the media reports to the people, not to any particular segment of the people. Objective reporting and truth are the highest values of Light based media.

How all of this will play out, I do not know. It is possible that some segment of the media will shift into the Light and the dark’s control will thus be exposed. The dark’s false flag strategy is entirely dependent upon media control. If any major media outlet chooses to report the truth in such a situation the genie will be out of the bottle. Imagine 9/11 without a unified media supporting the dark’s cover story…or the Paris attacks…or the San Bernardino shootings. The dark’s false flag strategy relies on total media control.

It is also possible that a major event orchestrated by the Light will end the dark’s media control. The Light is poised to take over the world’s financial systems…that would end the dark’s media control. The Light is poised to hold a disclosure event, inviting the Light loving ETs who are in our skies to become part of humanity’s support system…that would end the dark’s media control. Several other possibilities exist.

Soon the dark’s control of the media will end and when that occurs, humanity will usher in a Light based shared reality. Very soon…I hope.

Freedom for humanity…


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