My focus on the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) as the head of the earth’s dark is proving myopic. Yes, the RKM is a leading force but a new force emerged within the United States shortly after WWII that shares in the lead role of coordinating the earth’s dark in their attempts to gain total control over humanity and create a self-interested future commonly called the New World Order.

This force calls themselves Majestic and are the world leaders in technological advances which they have withheld from humanity and used in a wide variety of illegal activities.

Let me begin by outlining some of their technological advances. They have mastered free energy and use it extensively in their underground and space locations. They have mastered zero point gravity which allows travel at speeds exceeding the speed of light because gravity is switched off, zeroing mass and allowing unlimited speeds of travel and transport. They have scalar weapons which present a danger to ET spaceships and were used during the 9/11 false flag. They have a variety of psychological technologies used in mind control and maintaining their secrecy.

A bit on Majestic’s origins. The science originated in the work of Nikola Tesla. When Tesla died in 1943, his private papers were taken by the FBI. These contained the key information for free energy and zero point gravity and became part of the US government’s secret technology initiatives. Over the next few years, these initiatives became secret even from the President and the rest of the US government. Under the guise of national security, government funding continued but reporting was fictionalized and advances were kept secret from everyone except those sworn to secrecy. Those in charge of these projects, the original Majestic bosses, had secrecy as their highest value and killed or discredited anyone who threatened their secret and illegal (unconstitutional) fiefdom.

How does Majestic operate? Everything is on a need to know basis and their briefing protocol includes a death warrant in the event of being suspected as a security threat. Everything of importance takes place in secret underground stations or in space. A variety of corporations, many of them well known to the public, do the work in secret and everything is on a need to know basis so most workers do not know the full scope of the project they are working on. Funding comes from bilking the government, bankster activity, illegal drug trade which they control, oil and other 3D corporate activities that benefit from keeping humanity in the dark (pharmaceuticals, arms sales, etc.)

Overall game plan? Steven Greer, the founder of the Disclosure Project, is in possession a chilling document outlining Majestic’s game plan. The plan calls for a progression of fear based initiatives that seem to be the present day script. Uniting humanity to fight terrorism followed by staged alien attacks to create a common enemy in space. Majestic is known to have the technology to masquerade as evil ETs and all abductions and other invasive ET activity is manmade. The present false flag activities seem to be following this script and unless stopped, the false flag ET activity will soon be in the headlines.

Fortunately, the dark ETs who supported this script are now gone and the ETs in earth’s air space are all Light based. Already they are preventing the earth’s dark from a variety of planned false flags. The ones being allowed will eventually backfire.

Disclosure is not just about inviting in Light based ETs, it is also about disclosing the secret technologies being kept from the rest of humanity by Majestic and their dark earth allies such as the RKM.

Right now, the earth’s dark is a two headed monster…Majestic providing the technology and RKM providing the strategy. Disclosure will destroy both heads and the earth’s Light will then take over, creating a Light based shared human timeline for the first time in thousands of years.

Coming soon to your reality and mine. Disclosure and a shared timeline based in Light!

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to Majestic

  1. Chris says:

    Hope it is SOON!!!! Would make a nice Christmas present.

  2. Judy says:

    Wow…thanks John…

    • Ergo, the secret space program, banker deaths, the false flag terrorist events, and much much more. Yikes…ever since writing this I have been adjusting to this new reality and I don’t like it…time to shift into a shared timeline based in Light for all of humanity! End the secrecy!

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