End the Secret World Government

Ever since writing about the secret world government and the hidden technologies that support it, I have woken up each morning with what I call ‘soul level anger’. Anger at this level is not about revenge, anger at this level is about standing up and saying ‘no more’. That is what I now do.

I stand metaphorically and I say to humanity, to the human dark, to my guides, to Source itself…It is unacceptable to me for a secret world government to exist. It is unacceptable to me for this government to have secret technologies, for this government to militarize those technologies and most of all…it is unacceptable to me for this government to withhold these technologies from the rest of humanity. This must stop now!

Okay…that helps.

Now a little background information and a shout out to Steven Greer. Greer recently held a four hour seminar and posted it on the internet. I listened to the entire seminar and my post called Majestic is based on Greer’s work. I have conducted my own investigation so none of it surprised me and as part of my contribution to the cause of disclosure, I took the intention of writing about it on my blog.

I knew something was up when the writing just would not come. I had writer’s block. After sleeping on it and going for my morning walk, I sat and tried to write…nothing. What’s up? I asked my guides. You have to surrender first. Okay…I have lots of experience surrendering and I surrendered all attachments to what would go into the blog post. I also surrendered all fear based thoughts and asked for protection; Keep me safe. What I wrote flowed from this fearless and unattached beginning.

As often happens when I write, I learned a great deal while writing since inspiration and guidance was a part of the experience. Once the piece was posted, I went about my day and noticed a heightened level of interference but nothing alarming…since interference and clearing the causes of interference is a normal activity for me.

I have a very low opinion of secrets. They foster darkness and evil. Much better to bring them to light…to Light; where the secret heals and transforms. The secret world government is based on secrets and relies on keeping these secrets from coming to Light. Unspeakable evil has and is resulting. It is time for this detour into darkness to end. It is time to end the secrets.

Imagine along with me the effects of bringing the secret government and their technologies to Light. Free energy becomes widely and freely available…free energy is like sunlight, no one owns it; it is part of all of space and is pervasive. A ball-park estimate is that one cubic centimetre of space contains all of the energy used in the USA for one year. Free energy is inexhaustible, safe and pollution free. Technologies using free energy to do all that humanity presently does with fossil fuels already exist but are being kept secret from humanity.

Travel using zero point gravity is also transforming but in subtle ways. Airports disappear, boarders disappear as anyone can travel anywhere at any time. Terrorism disappears as the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ no longer exist. Everyone has all that they need for survival and can freely go wherever they choose.

Keeping these technologies secret is completely unacceptable. That is the source of my anger.

Ending these secrets means poverty ends, hunger ends, lack ends, economic slavery ends.

End secrecy now…end the secret world government!

Freedom for humanity…


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