Completing the Puzzle

Around the winter solstice of 2008, seven years ago, I took the intention of understanding how our human world works. I was already dedicated to living my mission but a reversal a few weeks earlier convinced me that a full understanding of humanity’s current reality was a necessity in order to do what I came to do. Without a full understanding, I would continue to be sidetracked and go down detours of one form or another.

Over the next nine or ten months, the information poured in and by the fall of 2009, I had a pretty good general understanding. A small group of self-interested people controlled the rest of humanity and targeted to gain complete control. This small group controlled world finances, the media, and most of the world’s governments. They were unelected and generally unknown to the public because that is the way they wanted it. I also understood that opposing this group could be very dangerous, even life threatening.

Bits and pieces were added to this general yet fuzzy understanding over the years but there remained a ‘feeling’ of it being incomplete until very recently.

A few of the pieces as I remember them…there are two major factions, one based in Europe and one based in the USA. …Underground bases are a major stronghold of the dark and a major factor in their domination over humanity. …The dark were aligned with dark ETs and had worked with them in these underground bases. …The dark have and use a variety of mind control technologies including the ‘veil’ and the quarantine, keeping humanity in ‘the dark’. …The dark have advanced technologies that they use and keep secret from the rest of humanity.

A couple of months ago, the final pieces of the ‘earth’s human dark’ began assembling. I learned of the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), the European faction and wrote about them, believing at the time that they alone represented the human dark leadership. I had personal experience with this group from an etheric meeting they called me to, in the spring of 2012, when they were wanting more information on surrender; an option they were considering at the time. Writing about the RKM made this faction real to me but a sense of incompleteness remained; a sense that the full puzzle was not yet assembled, pieces were still missing.

A couple of weeks ago, the final pieces came in. The American faction became known to me through Steven Greer and his work. They call themselves Majestic and are the technological leaders of the earth’s dark. Some of their technology would be of major benefit to humanity but is being kept secret in an effort to maintain the advantages enjoyed by the dark. This is totally unacceptable to me and to the Light, both within humanity and within our Light based ET allies.

Ever since learning about this American faction, the second head of the earth’s dark, I have had this sense that the puzzle is solved, that I now understand the earth’s dark. Sure, more information will come to light as Disclosure dawns and Truth becomes widely available; however, my understanding as presented in this blog is essentially complete…both for me and for readers of the blog.

Soon Disclosure will come. Soon humanity will throw off their current dark masters and a shared timeline based in Light will become humanity’s shared reality. This timeline will include the truth about humanity’s dark masters and their many crimes against humanity.

This timeline will also include free energy and zero point gravity and make peaceful uses of these technologies freely available to all of humanity. Free energy will end the use of fossil fuels by providing a free, inexhaustible, safe, and pollution free alternative for all of humanity’s energy needs. Zero point gravity will allow ‘instantaneous’ and free transportation anywhere for anybody; essentially ending travel restrictions the world over.

This timeline will also end the quarantine and shut down the veil that is keeping humanity in limited consciousness. Our ET supporters will be in continuous communications and each of us will have unrestricted access to Divinity, something that is presently difficult and rarely achieved.

These and other mind-blowing shifts will result. Coming soon to you and to all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…



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3 Responses to Completing the Puzzle

  1. Mike says:

    Good day. Excellent post. You bring fresh energy with your posts. Soon we shall live in the post-Disclosure world. Earth Prime will be in her glory. Peace.

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