‘Just Be’

The day of the winter solstice, a couple of weeks ago, was a beautiful day here in Calgary, mild and sunny. I had recently pieced together the puzzle of the earth’s dark and for several days had experienced a soul level anger directed at the self-interested few. How could this few hold humanity hostage and create scarcity and misery as humanity’s shared reality. On the return leg of my morning walk, as I searched for ways to shift this situation, the Divinity within spoke to me.

‘Just be!’

Immediately my reality shifted and what had seemed a burden of action became acceptance and what had been a worried frown became a smile. ‘Okay, I can do that.’ I was shifted. I remain available to do whatever is mine to do and what the Light asks of me as humanity is in the stretch run of shifting into a shared reality based in Light; but I am no longer burdened with doing what is not mine to do. My only responsibility is to ‘just be’.

When Divinity speaks to me, there is a huge download of information and it takes time for that download to work its way to the surface and into my consciousness. It has been two weeks and that hidden information is now available to be shared.

‘Just be’ has a number of facets and one that was immediately prominent was that the inner power that each of us possesses can then shine through. Freed of worry and freed of the impulse to act, that inner power becomes a beacon to others and a lighthouse of sorts. ‘Just be’ is also founded on profound world wide changes. The world is shifting into a shared light based reality. The dark is losing their power over the rest of humanity and losing their ability to manipulate our shared reality.

I am privileged to work with people and assist them in their spiritual journey. The level and persistence of dark interference changed recently. The dark seems to have already lost their ability to invade the personal field of others and prevent positive change. I experienced this in my own field but it is most noteworthy in the field of someone I have worked with for nearly two years. Sometime over the past month a noteworthy shift took place and when we work together now, this person’s field is clear and without dark interference. That does not mean this person has completed their journey; only that they are now able to travel the spiritual path of their choice without being manipulated and interfered with by malevolent forces. That is a huge and highly significant shift.

This same fact is impacting all of humanity. The dark has lost significant power already and can no longer manipulate events and realities to prevent humanity from shifting into a shared reality based in Light.

How long it will take for this shift at the level of energy and in the etheric realms to manifest into humanity’s shared reality I do not know. The dark still control our media and the dark still speaks through most of our public figures but the shift into a shared light based reality is happening in the private reality of many people around the world. This shift is being manifest and will soon show itself in awesome and unexpected ways.

‘Just be’ has great meaning within that context.

Freedom for humanity…


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