Getting the Hang of ‘Just Be’

Five weeks ago on the day of the solstice, the Divinity within spoke to me…just be’. These two words were accompanied by a huge download of energy and information and it has taken some time to sort it all out.

Divinity has spoken to me before but it is rare in my experience and each time it happens, my life is changed. Divinity does not ask me or anyone else to do anything they can’t do nor anything they can’t handle. What I found was that I already knew how to just be and in fact had already applied this throughout the past several years. Why then this intervention?

I had recently pieced together the entire puzzle of earth’s dark, the controllers and designers of humanity’s current shared reality. It is an ugly picture with two powerful factions. One is a group of families with centuries of cohesiveness centred in Europe which some refer to as the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia). They control world finances and have a well established strategic planning department dedicated to gaining total control over the rest of humanity. The other faction are newcomers to the scene with their origins going back to WWII and the death of Nikola Tesla. They used Tesla’s science and US government funding to develop technologies that they have kept secret from the rest of humanity and have used to gain power over the rest of us. These two powers formed an alliance and together create our current shared reality, an illusion based on artificially imposed scarcity and duality.

The reason for the intervention was that this solved puzzle generated a lot of anger within me and I was casting about for ways to enter the fray and end the dark’s power over the rest of humanity, targeting to create a Light based shared human reality based on oneness and abundance. Divinity was simply reminding me that my role in all of this will be given to me and looking for ways and means to ‘just do it’ was a dangerous detour. When I began my surrendered path nearly a decade ago, I gave up the option of using my small-self guidance to make my life’s decisions and I was in danger of returning to that limiting way of living my life. Just be was a reminder to stay the course and continue to use my inner guidance, Divine guidance, to make my life’s decisions.

And so…I have returned to living my life in the just be mode, accepting the assignments that come my way and trusting at each and every decision point, large or small, in the Divine guidance that exists within me…which by the way, exists in every human being because it is part of our design criteria.

I continue to live my solitary and unadorned lifestyle in full dedication to living my mission and the work continues to find me as it has ever since making the surrender decision. I know that once my gift is given to humanity, I will be given a number of very attractive options and will trust in my inner guidance as I chose amongst them. I do not anticipate ever returning to allowing my small self to drive the bus, that only leads to detours and heartaches.

I am thankful for the just be intervention and happily return to life in that mode.

Meanwhile progress toward ending the dark’s long reign continues and I continue to do my part as a ‘card carrying’ member of the Light’s loosely knit team doing this work. My skills and therefore my ‘assignments’ are generally in the energetic and etheric realms and due to the limited consciousness imposed upon all of humanity by dark masters, I have limited recall and limited understanding of the work I do. None of that is a problem as long as I remain dedicated to following the inner guidance ever present within. Just be is the ideal state for doing this.

Ousting humanity’s dark masters is an incredibly complex project but it is happening. Already, dark off-world support for humanity’s dark has been eliminated and the human dark now stand alone. Their days in power are numbered and I will be part of humanity’s Light that takes the torch when the human dark either surrender or are ousted from power in the near future.

Freedom for humanity…


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