The best engineering mind I ever met belongs to a classmate in university when we were taking chemical engineering. We will call him Charlie, not his real name, and he was in the honours stream but we were a small class of less than twenty students and took many of the same classes. On one occasion, one of our professors decided we were a gifted class and gave us a really tough exam. Charlie got his usual 90 plus and the rest of us were put on a curve. Even though I answered none of the questions I got my usual sixty five or so. Charlie won a Rhodes scholarship and continued his education in England.

Charlie and I were never friends and I cannot remember ever talking to him. It was mutual…I was a rebel even then, targeting a door opening degree with minimum effort; and he was full on. Years later, when I was learning about how the world presently works, I learned that minds like Charlie’s were targeted by the secret government to advance their secret technologies.

Our class held their 40th anniversary in 2011 and I read Charlie’s bio with interest. At one time he had 500 engineers reporting to him and worked in nanotechnology…hmmm…at the time I did not know anything about nanotechnology and wondered if Charlie had somehow escaped the dark’s clutches. I did not attend the anniversary but one of my friends did and he visited me a couple of months later. I shared my theory that Charlie may have worked for the dark and my friend confirmed this anecdotally.

Nanotechnology is the engineered use of tiny particles, molecular or a few molecules in size. Most of the information available to the public is gobbledegook because nanotechnology has few legitimate uses. In warfare and in controlling the general population, there are many possibilities, especially if you control the airspace, and nanotechnology is presently widely used in chemtrails. I am not sure of the specifics or even what is being currently targeted but I know it is mal-intended; part of the secret government’s mind and spirit control technologies. I often see chemtrails over Calgary where I live that begin at the city’s boundary. One report, that I believe, is that chemtrails have two major components, one that floats upward targeting to support the dark’s quarantine of earth and the other which floats downward targeting the human population beneath it.

Governments in the US and Europe have funded about ten billion dollars of research into nanotechnology and it seems likely that Charlie’s pay checks have been billed to the taxpayer; a common dark practice. The chemtrails are delivered by military aircraft on ‘training’ missions; also paid for by the taxpayer.

What recourse does the taxpayer have? Practically none. The nanotechnology research is all under the guise of ‘national security’ and details are routinely falsified. The chemtrails are under military direction and elected government officials have no knowledge of these practices. Elected officials begin in denial unless they are ‘in the know’ and then their life depends on keeping the secret.

Such is life under the secret government.

Fortunately all of this is soon coming to an end. I am not in favour of trials or retribution…I am very much in favour of ending such criminal practices and am currently fully dedicated to this end.

Freedom for humanity…



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