Partial Disclosure

Every time I hear of partial disclosure, I go on tilt!

According to Ben Fulford and David Wilcock, sources I trust, partial disclosure is what is on the table in the ongoing negotiations between the secret world government and those opposing them. The reason given is that humanity cannot or will not handle full disclosure, resulting in chaos.

Who is at this negotiating table? There is not much information on this, but Wilcock calls them the black hats (the secret government) and the grey hats (those opposing them). Missing are the white hats, they are not yet invited.

In my tilt mode, I am filled with anger and frustration. My self talk is all the reasons partial disclosure will not work and begins with a full on dispute of the premise that humanity cannot handle the truth. Poppycock!!! To me this is self-serving propaganda…nothing more. Humanity has lots of practice handling shocking news and humanity always soldiers on. 9/11, Kennedy’s assassination, and other black ops are clear indications of humanity’s resilience and ability to internalize shocking developments. Full disclosure would be a piece of cake since the underlying energies are Light based and based in TRUTH. Handling truth is not nearly as difficult as anyone would have us believe. There is Light at the end of full disclosure and it guides humanity like a beacon.

I do not buy the ‘they can’t handle the truth’ premise. It is self serving malarkey.

Then I go to the big question. How do the grey hats think they can enforce partial disclosure? Without a plan for enforcement, partial disclosure will soon become full. Already Wilcock has had military helicopters buzzing his home. Is that where we are headed? A new set of secrets enforced by the grey hats using the military and the police? That is just another form of darkness. Grey turns black very quickly in the absence of Light and the truth upon which Light rests.

And so it went for about 36 hours.

My truth often comes in the night. My guides and my angels are very active in the night and when I am sleeping.

Parial disclosure is not supported at any level of Light…do not worry about it.’

‘If tried partial disclosure will begin an avalanche leading to the truth…much like Yeltsin standing up to the Soviet tank.’

‘Opposing partial disclosure is not your job!’

Okay…thank you. Peace returned to my inner world.

Humanity is on their way to a Light based shift, a shift into Truth and a shared human timeline based in Light. If it begins with the intention of partial disclosure, so be it.

Freedom for humanity…



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4 Responses to Partial Disclosure

  1. Chris says:

    I agree with your angels and guides. I don’t think partial disclosure will ever happen. Once you let the genie out of the bottle, it will just mushroom. Plus the bad guys are losing more power every day. Several new messages point to major changes in March and April with this continuing through September 2017.

  2. Thank you, Chris…let the good times begin!

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