Replacing the Existing Timeline

Humanity’s existing timeline, created by the dark and based on scarcity and duality, is collapsing. The air is out of its tires and it will not go much further. This obsolete timeline will soon be abandoned on the side of humanity’s evolutionary path like a derelict tanker washed up on some desolate shore.

The secret government, a dark alliance of the European based RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) and the US based technological leaders, knows this and is scrambling to find a replacement timeline that keeps them in power (e.g. partial disclosure). These vainglorious machinations are doomed to failure; but the dark knows no other way and is not yet ready to surrender. The surrender option has long been available to the dark and has already been exercised by their off-world masters but the surrender option has been refused time and again by humanity’s dark; as they hope against fading hope that they can continue their mastery and the power it has given them.

The secret government is far from toothless. They remain in control of humanity’s media and their propaganda is regularly accepted as truth. They remain in control of the world’s financial systems and their debt based financial slavery continues in force the world over; helping to fund the secret government and buying the services of mercenaries, including many political leaders. They remain ruthless and able to enforce secrecy within their government; those within the system cannot speak out in pain of death, and those few outside of the system that know the truth are still viewed as delusional or also perish by ‘accidents’ or assassinations. They remain in control of the military in many countries around the world and also control many of the agencies within these governments, especially in the US. None the less…the opening paragraph is truth and the dark (secret government) knows it.

Each of these dark advantages represents a major obstacle to the Light’s efforts to manifest a replacement timeline; none the less, significant progress is being made on several fronts.

Control of the Media: Very little progress has been made here and the media remains a bastion of dark control; very unified. TV and the press are the worst where dark control is virtually complete. Occasionally a movie is made from outside of the dark’s control…The Big Short being a recent example. When I was working directly on the surrender option, a major plank was the recruiting of a Light based media champion. This could still happen but a more probable resolution is for the media to do a complete about face after the secret government is defeated.

Financial Systems and Funding: This is the secret governments Achilles Heel. Running the secret government and paying all of its bills is very expensive. Additionally, the dark’s present systems are unsustainable and collapse could happen at any time. Already, the Light has replacement financial systems cued up and ready to go. Either way, the dark’s financial tyranny is about to end.

Enforcement of Secrecy: This is another major pressure point. For decades, the dark has controlled all the major world governments. That was endangered by the fall of the Soviet Union and the Russians under Putin have regained their sovereignty and are currently supporting the Light. Putin has aligned with Light based ETs and has their protection and access to advanced defensive technologies. Other threats spearheaded by Light based informants like Julian Assange, David Icke, Ben Fulford, David Wilcock and many others are also leaks in the dark’s secrecy enforcement dam. It will soon break or be breached.

Prevention of False Flags: The dark’s public support is based on fear and the dark has used false flags to generate that fear. A false flag is an attack planned and orchestrated by the dark and then blamed on someone else; terrorists in our most recent history. The most famous false flag was 9/11. Our ET friends have been given Divine permission to prevent false flags and this has greatly altered the balance of power within humanity.

Energies being Beamed to Humanity: All of humanity, including those serving the dark, are exposed to uplifting energies that are supporting a shift into higher levels of consciousness. This is having a cumulative and very positive overall effect on humanity and makes the present dark timeline of scarcity and duality unsustainable.

In short, the present timeline is collapsing and a replacement timeline will become humanity’s shared reality. That replacement timeline will be based in Light; that is inevitable. How long it takes and the nature of the transition is still being determined. The Light is working diligently to make the transition both smooth and short. Each of us is making our own unique contribution as this transition takes place.

Freedom for humanity…

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