‘I work 24/7 on behalf of humanity!’

Easter was family time for me. My 93 year old Mum invited me to Easter dinner and 21 showed up including 5 of her 7 children.

Family time is difficult for me as within my generation, my siblings and their spouses, I stand alone and am often a target for attacks. I have much more support within the next generation, my nephews and nieces, as some of them have world views similar to my own. My four children are not among those supporters but respect my sovereign right to make my own choices much more so than do my siblings and their spouses.

The dinner itself and the day on which it took place (Saturday) was fine and went smoothly, centred around the meals of the day. However, as we were preparing to head to Mum’s, one of the most intense sibling attacks occurred.

During the invitation phone call from my Mum, I told her I was interested in staying with her on Saturday evening and we explored the logistics as I do not own a car or have a driver’s licence so transportation back to my sister’s (an hour’s drive) would have to be arranged. I told everyone that this was a possibility before we left and one of my sisters took issue. Her opinion was that I was taking advantage of my aging Mum and that I should have made arrangements myself. My attempts to explain that I rely on the universe to make this type of arrangements and I was fine if the request fell through only escalated the argument and we were soon standing toe to toe arguing loudly for the whole household to hear. It ended abruptly when I said, loudly and angrily ‘I work 24/7 on behalf of humanity!’ My sister turned on her heel and walked quietly away and everyone began to breath again.

What was going on here? Part of the learning I did before becoming fully dedicated to living my mission in 2006 was to avoid making claims about my spiritual development. I cannot prove such claims and they are fraught with egocentric traps. Had I slipped into one such trap during the angry exchange? No. My claim was about what I do, not about who I am and is easily provable, as evidenced by the effect this claim had on the heated argument; instantly ending it.

I am often guided to say or do things that seem uncharacteristic and this was such an occasion. It was the perfect thing to say within the context of the incident and had benefits for everyone who heard it. The relationship between my sister and I was improved. It also benefited me directly. It is now five days later and is still reverberating around within my being. Hmmm…you know, that is a true statement. I do work 24/7 on behalf of humanity. I may be entirely off-base, as many would argue, in terms of my world view and my objectives of ousting the secret government but no one can argue that I am less than one hundred percent dedicated to achieving this objective.

In terms of my self-worth, the statement continues to build strength within me…a very necessary resource as I frequently stand alone and am frequently attacked within the existing timeline, designed and maintained by the dark. My siblings are not dark, far from it, they are however duped and their well meaning attempts to convince me to give up the fight and rejoin the status quo are misguided at best and support the perpetration of this destructive timeline. I need all the strength and fortification I can muster in order to withstand the 3D world’s numerous attacks.

Amazing times we are in as this destructive timeline loses vitality and enters its death throws. Soon humanity will shift into a shared timeline based in Light, based in Love, based in oneness and abundance, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of cosmic law.

I thank my guidance that prompted me to speak my truth; ‘I work 24/7 on behalf of humanity!’

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to ‘I work 24/7 on behalf of humanity!’

  1. I’d advise using the ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer with your family members. Even if you think they owe you an apology, using the prayer allows you to take responsibility for your part of the relationship and it can really create breakthroughs in heart opening and clarity.

    here’s an article that talks about it [halfway down]


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