Intense Times

Around the spring equinox, more than two weeks ago, I began noticing a new level of intensity at the level of energy, what some call the etheric level. At the time my response was ‘Oh yes, it is the equinox and higher energy intensity is to be expected.’

It is now over two weeks later and the intensity has not abated, continuing at the elevated levels. Most people do not even notice as they are not connected at the level of energy and to them, it is just business as usual. For me and for others who are anchoring the new energies, either consciously or unconsciously, these are intense times.

I am fortunate because I am retired and have few requirements on my time or my energies so during times of high intensity I simply hunker down and go with the flow. I am also in good health and can clear negative energies and interference with ease. I sleep a lot during such times, sometimes half the day or more. There is a knowing that I am making contributions during my sleep time but within the limited consciousness imposed upon all of us, I have very limited recall of what takes place.

Over the last few days, I have been asking to understand these intense times more fully and the information is flowing in. Essentially, we are in pivotal times where humanity’s current shared timeline is losing energy and losing vitality. It would be very chaotic for the current shared timeline to collapse without a replacement timeline waiting in the wings. That is one of the doomsday scenarios that some seer’s tune into often accompanied by cataclysmic events. What the Light is targeting is to have a new Light based timeline cued up and ready to go with transitional elements in all the key areas, like world governance, world financial systems, and food distribution.

How close are we to the shift into a shared timeline based in Light? I really do not know. The secret world government appears to be still firmly in control within their two strongholds of western Europe and the USA. In Europe, they continue to generate fear and propaganda with false flag terrorism such as the Brussels bombings. In the USA, they continue to manipulate and largely control the primaries and the secret government’s dream presidential ticket of Trump vs Clinton remains the front runner. My ‘information’ is that as long as electing Trump as the US president remains a viable possibility, the secret government will hang onto power and continue their intransigence. They know from their time-travelling research that this significantly delays the shift into a shared timeline based in Light; just what they are targeting.

Meanwhile the Russians and their BRICS allies (Brazil, India, China, South Africa) continue work toward replacement financial systems based in Light. The Russians are also working directly with Light based ET supporters which is bringing ever closer world wide disclosure of the many Light based ET civilizations that are surrounding earth and offering to assist humanity once invited. Still, the secret government appears to be the only humans with faster than light travel and that monopoly represents a very powerful advantage. The science behind faster than light travel is now part of the public domain through the work of the Keshe Foundation but developing this science into working technologies takes huge resources and those doing this work are still doing so in secret; which has yet to benefit humanity and is a limited threat to the secret government. Free energy is similarly being kept secret and humanity continues their forced reliance on fossil fuels, a major support system of the secret government since they directly or indirectly own all of the major oil companies.

Still all of this and many others Light based threads continue to put pressure on the secret government. The secret government’s power and authority is based on the illusion of scarcity and the illusion of duality and like any illusion, once it is seen through, it ceases to operate. Is humanity close to destroying the secret government’s illusion?…yes we are. Shifts such as this happen very rapidly once they begin as evidenced by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Once begun, the shift into a Light based shared human timeline will proceed rapidly and irreversibly. The trick is to have a Light based shared timeline cued up as a replacement.

My contributions to this replacement timeline are mostly at the level of energy. Every day, in fact several times each day, I anchor the replacement timeline into Gaia, connecting it with Source energy and completely surrounding me. From there, the shared timeline based in Light spreads easily and quickly to rest of humanity.

These are intense times and it will not be long until the Light’s replacement timeline is shared by all of humanity, bringing oneness and abundance to all of humanity and forever ousting the secret world government, thus ending the shared timeline they have foisted on all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…


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