Leaders of Secret World Government are Gone

The leaders of the secret world government have been taken away by forces of the Light and will no longer play a role in humanity’s shared timeline. There is limited information about this momentous event and it cannot yet be proven but it is too important to go un-reported.

First two definitions:

  1. The Light is a loosely knit amalgamation of human Light workers supported by Light based ETs in our skies and Light based beings from other planes and dimension. The ETs bring highly advanced technologies and other-worldly capabilities but honour cosmic law and the wishes of Source to allow humanity to do most of the heavy lifting during humanity’s transition into the Light.
  2. The secret government are an alliance of two small but powerful human factions. One is being called the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), a cohesive group of about 100 families based in Europe with common bloodlines and a well developed strategic planning function. The RKM control world finances and the political process in most of the world’s countries. The other faction is a small group of men based in the US who began developing secret technologies during WWII and now have free energy, zero gravity travel (faster than light), time travel manipulations of humanity’s shared timeline, and a myriad of mind and spirit control technologies that they foist on the rest of humanity. Together these two factions own and control the media worldwide.

I asked for information from my spiritual sources last night about the recent changes and will report what I presently understand. Negotiations for the surrender of the secret world government go back at least four years, when I first became aware of them, and likely much further. The Light’s target was and is to create a seamless transition from humanity’s current shared timeline into a new Light based shared timeline built on oneness and abundance. The Light offered the secret government amnesty for all of their many crimes against humanity in return for their surrender and cooperation in an orderly transfer of power.

The secret government never negotiated in good faith, making promises and breaking them, and continuing their mastery over humanity through their control of the media, control of the world’s monetary systems, and control of most elected governments; along with advanced technologies which they kept secret from the rest of humanity. The secret government also continued attempts to create WWIII to keep themselves in power using false flag incidents (they stage-manage a terrorist event and then blame it on someone else) and have many times targeted to use nuclear weapons in these false flag events.

The final straw came in association with the Brussels bombings on March 22. The secret government built a nuclear bomb which they intended to explode in Brussels (population of over a million people and the capital of Belgium) using their secret technologies for transport and detonation. The Light has long been authorized to prevent nuclear terrorism and the secret government’s plan was foiled. The bombings were the secret government’s retaliation. These events convinced the Light to move against the leaders of the secret government, as these events finally convinced the Light that a negotiated surrender was not possible with these intransigent leaders. The leaders were removed over the past weekend and taken away. Their fate will be determined by the Light; however, they will not be returning to this solar system.

The Light does everything possible to honour free will so only the very top of the secret government was removed; less that thirty people in total. Because the secret government is a dark organization where information is only shared on a need to know bases, the lack of leadership will play out over time and a certain amount of chaos is unavoidable.

What will stop immediately is orders from the leaders to maintain their power and their secrecy along with plots to start WWIII. World leaders who have been under the thumb of the secret government will no longer be threatened or bribed into doing the secret government’s bidding but the shift into a light based shared timeline will still take time. Many of the world’s current governments are led by unprincipled opportunists, since such leaders are willing to cooperate with the secret government and create debt slavery, so change will not come overnight. However, the secret government leadership is gone and the secret government cannot long maintain itself without these leaders. Those who reported to them are rudderless and the next level will soon be without orders to follow.

How quickly will the secret government disintegrate? How much chaos will happen during that process? I do not know. The only possible end result is for humanity to transition into a shared timeline based in Light as that is the only outcome being supported. Those of us following our inner guidance will be asked to assist in this process and the target will be to minimize the chaos and shorten the time this transition takes.

Interesting and exciting times.

Freedom for humanity…

July 17

My target has always been to have truth in my blog and I have largely succeeded. Occasionally, changing circumstances alter the situation and the truth shifts…that is not an issue for me. What is an issue is when what I write is not truth and never was.

Most of this post is truth; however, one  important fact is false, something that was attractive emotionally but was never truth. The leaders of the secret world government were not removed by the Light and remain in their roles as the leaders and decision makers of the the secret government. 

It is up to humanity to remove these leaders and that process is ongoing. Soon, that process will bear fruit. These leaders have and continue to be prevented from using nuclear weapons in their attempts to remain in power…that is truth. 

My apologies for this unintentional departure from the truth.

Freedom for humanity… John Ross


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5 Responses to Leaders of Secret World Government are Gone

  1. Ron Kalvin says:

    A very nice report, but none of this has occurred. You might want to recheck your resources. There is out there a whole lot of channeled information which is highly corrupted (for a variety of reasons). Why not consider saying how you have come to make the report and what it is based on? This is because a lot of people are being fed mis-infos by the dark ones, yet they continue to carry on like what they have been reporting (which NEVER, EVER happens) is factual.

  2. Thank you Ron. My information comes from the level of energy. Because energy precedes the physical, my information may be premature, but that does not make it mis-info … and because the shift has NEVER,EVER happened yet, does not mean it will not happen. The dark ones are running out of time and their control is ending.

  3. Ron Kalvin says:

    I understand what you are saying. I am a very literal person and when it is said that something HAS happened, that will be what I understand to be the case presented. I, like you would love to see these things manifest, however I am still trying to understand just who is empowered to do the arrests and other things we’ve ben told have happened repeatedly. Yet we see virtually NO evidence of anything like that occurring so far. Do I know of the changes which are coming? Yes, I do and in some detail. I just don’t know when yet. My celestial contacts, who have never lied to me or misled me, will only reveal certain information. This is because the dark forces can also “listen” in on what’s being transmitted and this is not to be allowed (for obvious reasons). I’m told there is definitely a plan and it will be carried out by the light. I do know certain aspects of it, however. What I’ve been shown is far more complex and does not involve someone coming in and arresting people. Worse things are awaiting the worst of the dark forces.

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