The Machine Still Runs

The quarantine of earth and of humanity was imposed upon us by the forces of darkness with the intention of preventing the Light from influencing humanity’s shared timeline; thus allowing the darkness to violate cosmic law in their attempts to fully enslave humanity. For thousands of years, the quarantine was well supported by dark forces as this sector of space was controlled by the Ankara Alliance and the Light’s only access to humanity was through other planes and dimensions.

Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda about two decades ago but earth’s masters chose to continue their enslavement agenda using the dark machine that had been created for that purpose. Slowly, support for those who run this machine has eroded and about 18 months ago, the last of the dark ETs (the Chimera)  who supported the machine surrendered. Since that time, the machine has been in the capable hands of the secret government, an alliance of two small but powerful human factions. One is a cohesive network of about 100 families based in Europe, with strategic planning capabilities, who have common bloodlines tracing back more than a millennium to the ancient kingdom of Khazaria. They call themselves the Illuminati but a far more descriptive moniker is the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia).

The other faction of the secret government are technocrats based in the US. They used Nikola Tesla’s science and US government money to develop advanced technologies that they have kept secret from the US government and from the rest of humanity. These technologies include free energy, faster than light travel and transport, time travel technologies for manipulating humanity’s shared timeline, and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. Together, these two groups have headed up the world’s secret government who own and operate the secret machine whose purpose is to enslave humanity and keep humanity in limited consciousness.

The top leaders of the secret government have carried on negotiations with the Light loving ETs who are in earth’s airspace supporting the Light’s agenda of shifting humanity into a shared timeline based in Light. These top leaders are ruthless and have remained intransigent, refusing all entreaties while they continue to run the secret government and the secret machine that gives them power.

A little over a week ago, the top leaders of the secret government were removed from earth by the Light based ETs. Their fate is unknown to me except that they will not be returning. The Light based ETs honour cosmic law including the principle of honouring the free will choices of others so only the very top leaders were removed, less than thirty people in total. The secret machine still runs as those I call the doers remain. At the level of energy these events have changed everything. Those blocking disclosure and preventing the shift into a shared timeline based in Light are gone and will not be replaced.

In the physical dimension, the machine still runs and it appears as though nothing has changed. Key parts of the secret machine continue to operate and the doers continue the intransigence imbued within them by their leaders. Remember the doers have murdered countless compatriots over the years, anyone fingered as a possible security leak along with many outsiders who would not be bought off or cowed into compliance. Those giving such orders have been removed but those who carried them out remain. That is the culture of the secret government and it may never change.

The final outcome is not in doubt…humanity will shift into a shared timeline based in Light; and the secret government, along with the machine that gives them power over the rest of humanity, will be shut down permanently. How and when this happens is still very much up in the air. The ETs who removed the intransigent leaders are still there but they are now in the wait and see mode; supporting the human Light but observing cosmic law and allowing humanity to do the heavy lifting in terms of bringing forth the Light based shared timeline.

Here are some of the front runners in the process of shutting down the secret government.

The secret government may surrender and cooperate in an orderly transfer of power, including shutting down their nefarious machine. At the level of energy, this is a strong possibility but at the physical level, their intransigence remains.

The secret government may be toppled by the human Light.

Pressure points include world finances. The Light has a replacement financial system that could be turned on at any time and the leaderless secret government can no longer prevent this.

Disclosure of our ET supporters and the truth about the secret government would swiftly lead to the ousting of the secret government. The Russians certainly have this capability and any of the major governments could initiate this process.

The people may rise up and force the hand of a major government. The US presidential election could precipitate this result. The secret government is using all sorts of dirty tricks to get candidates who support them the nominations of both major parties; and these illegal activities are galvanizing the US citizens to rise up.

These are only a few of the major possibilities.

May the shift into a shared human timeline based in Light happen quickly and smoothly…and may the secret machine that supports the existing shared timeline die a quick and painless death.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to The Machine Still Runs

  1. From my perspective, their broken machine isn’t running at all anymore! It’s merely coasting downhill…right toward the edge of a very big cliff.

    So let’s all give thanks, give ‘er a bit of a push as she passes by, and shout “HOORAY!” as it topples over the cliff, shall we?


    With Love,


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