Brexit – The First Domino?

I first heard of the European Union (EU) years ago when it was being formed and Britain was the odd man out; choosing to remain independent. At the time, I was unaware of the underlying power structures and thought the British to be arrogant fools, eschewing nice sounding things like free trade and common currencies. It turns out, I was the fool at that time.

Who are the EU? Can you name one EU politician? I cannot…but I now know who they are, or at least who the people are who give orders to the Brussels bureaucrats who make and enforce the EU’s policies. The bosses, the people who run the faceless European Union, are the secret world government, most especially the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), a tightly knit small group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria, centred between the Black and Caspian Seas. They own and/or control all the world’s major banks and all the major media outlets; and they ‘own’ the EU.

Somehow, the people of Britain managed enough political will to get a referendum on whether or not to remain as part of the EU. Those that wanted to leave became known as Brexit (Britain Exit) and despite the collective fear-mongering of the British media (which gave voice to all the politicians who supported remaining), the people of Britain voted to exit. The British prime minister is resigning and the process is underway to honour the people’s wishes. What a victory for sovereignty, what a victory for free will!

Will the people’s wishes be honoured? That remains to be seen. The RKM have unlimited resources and great patience. Honouring the wishes of the people is not part of their agenda. If you want some recent proof, just look at what happened in Greece following their resounding ‘no’ vote to reject the bailout terms being offered on their crippling national debt. Their prime minister was quickly intimidated and the Greeks remained under the debt slavery imposed upon them by the EU. Exiting the EU is less of a direct threat and the timeline is less urgent, but will the British people get their wish to exit the European Union? Time will tell.

On the positive side, the power of the secret world government is eroding daily and the secrecy upon which their power is based is under attack from a wide variety of sources. I believe that the top leadership of the secret world government has been removed from Earth by the Light based ETs that are in our skies. The machine they (the secret world government) created is still running but they are no longer nimble since course changes are now far more difficult without top level leadership. The illusion created by the secret world government which is trumpeted daily by their media is cracking. The shared human timeline based on the secret government’s illusion is tottering. It is entirely possible, in fact long overdue in my opinion, that the illusion will topple like a long line of dominos and we will look back on it all and say…you know what, Brexit was the first domino.

The time is ripe for major changes. The dominos will fall. Has the first one toppled? May it be so.

Freedom for humanity…


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9 Responses to Brexit – The First Domino?

  1. I voted to remain as I believe the leave campaign was a shrouded protest against immigration, and for many motivated by hate. It is becoming clear that people were lied to and now regret casting their leave vote. A second reforendum is being called for because of the deception. It has been very divisive, and has revealed deep xenophobia. It does not feel liberating at all, nor an act of forces of light, unifying for humanity. I am interested to read your take on this, especially regarding a domino effect with other countries, but I fail to see how a return to nationalism can be a way forward for humanity.

    • Thank you, Jill. Very even keeled comment given that we see this issue from opposite sides. IMO, the deception is as a result of your media being controlled by the same people who run the EU…of course they will campaign for a re-vote. IMO, a domino effect in other countries currently in the EU would be wonderful. Everyone leaves and the EU is defunct. IMO, it is not a return to nationalism to exit the EU…it is a step toward regaining sovereignty with the ultimate objective being for each individual to be sovereign. We are each of us connected with Source and thus fully capable of individual sovereignty.

      • So a campaign for a re-vote would be IMO attempting to re-gain control? The main players for Brexit are rich and racist people so it becomes difficult to identify light from darkness in all of this. I recognise that things are not always as they seem though – hence the deception. All very interesting. Thanks for your comments. Please continue to publish exposition as things emerge regarding this. We will watch this space….

      • You got it Jill! Just one clarification…IMO is short for in my opinion; so substitute EU (RKM) for IMO.

      • Haha – yes RKM, gotcha. 😉

  2. Simultaneous to the Brexit referendum Trump and Murdoch meet on a Scottish golf course. What’s happening here?

    • Can’t help you with this one, Jill…my choice is to focus on the Light and these people carry little of it. 😦

      • Exactly, exactly. This is why it’s hard to see how the Murdoch-led Brexit can be a first step to freedom. I think we all need to do what you propose – continue to focus on the light, speak and live the truth without fear so we daily experience inner freedom and trust the higher powers to assist in bringing that liberation to earth. X

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