The Tottering Timeline

Humanity’s existing shared timeline is tottering and will soon topple and little wonder. This timeline was created and is maintained by a small unelected self-interested group of men that I call the secret government. (The secret government is a two headed monster. The European head is led by the patriarchs of a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines and a well developed strategic planning team. The US head are technocrats that used Nikola Tesla’s science and US government funding to develop advanced technologies such as free energy and zero gravity travel.) In addition, the existing timeline is based on lies and on secrecy.

Some of the key lies are as follows: We (humanity) are alone in the universe. In truth, we are one of countless civilizations in our galaxy and beyond and… many of these civilizations are already in our air space. Life is a one and done experience. In truth, each of us has an eternal part that experiences lifetime after lifetime and many of us are regaining our memory of such lifetimes. There is no energy encoded in the fabric of space. In truth, space is encoded with limitless energy and technologies to access this energy are commonplace throughout the universe. The secret government already has this technology but it is being kept secret from the rest of humanity. The speed limit of the universe is the speed of light. In truth, by zeroing gravity unlimited speeds of travel and transport become possible. Again, the secret government already has this technology but it is being kept secret from the rest of humanity. Fear and secrecy are the main weapons of the secret government and the primary tools being used to keep the existing timeline in place.

How can a timeline based on lies remain in place for centuries, even millennia? Much of this galaxy was taken over and controlled by dark forces and earth was part of dark held territory for thousands of years. During that time, dark overlords from other solar systems with advanced technology supported the earth’s dark and kept them in power. That era ended in the mid-1990s when Ankara, the dark creator god, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised the dark forces to do likewise. Most followed his lead but the earth’s dark chose to continue their dark agenda of exploiting and enslaving humanity. Over the past couple of decades, off-world support for the human dark has ended and humanity’s dark masters are now the unsupported secret government with their secret technologies, ownership of the world’s media, control of the world’s financial systems, and control of the political systems of most of the world’s countries.

Why don’t the Light based civilizations that are in our airspace step in and end the secret government’s tottering timeline? All advanced Light based civilizations honour cosmic law and a prime tenet of cosmic law is to go only where invited. Thus far the secret government have prevented most of humanity from extending this invitation.

What is causing the existing timeline to totter? There are a number of factors at play and here are the main ones of which I am aware.

1. The visiting Light based civilizations are empowered to prevent the secret government from using nuclear weapons in their attempts to remain in power.

2. The Russians have escaped the clutches of the secret government and have invited help from off-world Light based civilizations. They already have advanced technologies based on this help.

3. Enlightening energies are being beamed at earth and are affecting all of humanity. These energies are awakening an ever larger number of people which is creating pressure to bring truth to humanity and end the existing shared timeline.

How will the existing timeline be toppled? No one knows. Humanity is taking back their power and support for the secret government erodes daily. The possibilities are endless and range from an organized mass arrest of the secret government leaders to a political solution such as Brexit where sovereignty is returned to elected government officials to an unresolved financial crisis since the secret government is essentially bankrupt to disclosure of the friendly ETs already in our skies to the surrender of the secret government to something completely unforeseen.

When the tottering timeline is toppled is also unknown. It will happen soon but soon here is defined in cosmic terms. It could be days or weeks away and it could also take years. We shall see.

Freedom for humanity…



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3 Responses to The Tottering Timeline

  1. Dusty says:

    Hope it topples soon.

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