The Malevolent Use of Timelines

Each of us has the ability to create timelines and we do so quite naturally, either consciously or unconsciously. When the timeline affects others it becomes a shared timeline and the cooperation of the others becomes necessary…marriages and families are examples.

The more people affected, the more cooperation becomes necessary. When a timeline is based on serving the greater good, everything flows naturally and the free will of everyone involved is honoured. This gets complicated when someone wants the cooperation of another and that cooperation is not freely given. In the natural order of things, this is respected and either another way is found or that expansion of the timeline is foregone. When the natural order is violated and another is tricked or forced or coerced into cooperating against their free will, a malevolent timeline occurs…that is my definition of a malevolent timeline.

The largest shared timeline of which most of us are currently aware is humanity’s shared timeline, experienced and shared by billions of people. It is by definition a malevolent timeline since it is based on lies (trickery) and results in the enslavement of most of the human population through scarcity and the resulting struggle to survive. Most of us are doing things we do not want to do as a result…by definition, a violation of our free will. Many of us are keeping secrets we do not want to keep, another violation of our free will.

Malevolent timelines are in violation of the natural order of things and they naturally decay. If they are based on force, those enslaved naturally rise up and reclaim their free will. If they are based on trickery, the truth eventually comes out and the illusion created by the lie is dispelled; again resulting in free will prevailing…it can take years or even thousands of years, but malevolent timelines are not sustainable.

Humanity’s current shared timeline took a dramatic turn for the worse during WWII, not because of the war, although that contributed, but because Nikola Tesla died (1943) and his working papers were turned over to the US military. With government funding and the secrecy of the military, a small group of US based technocrats confirmed that Tesla knew what he was doing. Free energy worked, faster than light travel worked, time travel worked. All of these advancements along with related developments were kept secret from the general public and from the US government itself. Who benefited? Only a few at the very top of humanity’s hierarchy; those I call the secret government, a two headed monster. One is based in Europe and is composed of the patriarchs of about 100 families with common bloodlines who call themselves the Illuminati but a far more descriptive moniker is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The other is based in the US and are the technocrats who took control of the secret technologies based on Tesla’s work and have managed to keep them secret for over seventy years.

Armed with this new technology, humanity’s secret government took their place at the planning and negotiating tables of the dark alliance fighting to control this galaxy until the dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid 1990’s. The creator god advised all members of the alliance to do likewise and most took this advice, but humanity’s secret government chose to go rogue and continue their target of enslaving humanity and defeating other galactic civilizations. After all, they now had all these shinny new tools and the resulting capabilities.

One of their new capabilities was the ability to time travel and they developed ways of interacting with past timelines to shift them in ways that served their self interest…a new level of malevolence since they would kill historical people and pretend to be them in order to shift the timeline. This kind of activity was extremely effective in the short term and ratcheted up their power over humanity during the first few years but there was an unforeseen price to be paid, and that price is being levied now. That price was an ever increasing omnipotent natural force of restoring order to the artificial timelines the secret government created. These artificial timelines decayed at an ever increasing rate, inevitably restoring truth and free will.

The restoration of truth and free will is currently underway and being played out for all to see. The secret government, with all their advantages, are struggling mightily to stay in power and maintain the existing malevolent timeline but it is a losing battle. Two possible results remain. One is the decay and destruction of the entire physical playing field, apocalypse. The other is to shift the timeline into a timeline based in truth and the honouring of everyone’s free will; the path taken by nearly all of the other participants in the former dark alliance.

The apocalyptic outcome is becoming more and more improbable by the day as the control of the secret government wanes and the power of Light based factions grows. The truth is coming out in dribs and drabs but coming out it is. Humanity’s skies are filled with cosmic supporters of humanity’s light workers and they are already preventing the secret government from using nuclear weapons in their failing attempts to remain in power.

Humanity’s light remains fragmented and leaderless but surprisingly effective and their efforts are coordinated by the natural order of things and those of us who connect to this power are guided and directed to play our roles as the Light shifts humanity’s shared timeline into one based in Light…a timeline I call the timeline of oneness and abundance.

That process is underway and much closer to fruition than most currently understand.

The end of humanity’s current malevolent timeline is nigh and will be replaced by a Light based timeline based in truth and respecting the free will of others.

Freedom for humanity…


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5 Responses to The Malevolent Use of Timelines

  1. Guy says:

    Very nice summary of recent events…you seem to have a knack for that.

  2. Lotro says:

    nimporte quoi … article mensonger … l’album NECROPEDOSADOMASO vient de SEWER et non de ANTEKHRIST 31 renseignez vous avant de publier c’est le groupe de SWAGG MAN et CORTEX le president des pyramides lisez le premier article sur Benoit Hamon et SEWER vous comprendrez mieux…

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