Incredibly Complex

Over twelve years ago, I decided I would live my mission; do what I came to do in this lifetime. My life began to shift as a result and within two years, I was surrendered to Divine guidance ‘knowing’ that my small self did not have, and could not get, sufficient information to live my mission. This is likely true of all of us and was certainly true in my case.

The surrender process took nearly a year and continues day by day; however, nowadays the adjustments are incremental as the big shifts took place a decade ago; leaving my marriage, quitting working, and moving to a new city (Calgary).

It took another five years before I understood what my mission was, or more properly, what my mission had become. In general terms, like many others the world over, my mission was to assist humanity to shift into the higher dimensions including a shared timeline based on serving the greater good. That work could have taken many forms as humanity constantly creates their shared timeline and progress toward the higher dimensions could have proceeded rapidly or slowly from the time of my birth (1948) to the planned blossoming of humanity’s shift into the higher dimensions on the winter solstice of 2012. As it turned out, humanity’s shared timeline was hijacked by malevolent forces, humans I call the secret government, who happened upon huge technological advancements based on Nikola Tesla’s work when he died in 1943. They (the secret government) kept these advancements secret from the rest of humanity and used them to hijack humanity’s shared timeline, preventing the shift into a shared timeline based in light and delaying humanity’s intended progression into a higher dimensional reality in 2012. When the galactic dark surrendered to the Light’s agenda in the mid-1990s, humanity’s secret government went rogue and chose to continue their efforts to prevent humanity from progressing along their evolutionary path and shifting into a higher dimension.

These developments impacted my mission. By the spring of 2012, nine months before the intended shift, I realized my mission could not be lived until humanity shifted into a shared timeline based in serving the greater good and this shift was and is being prevented by the secret government. Thus, I began accepting guidance targeting to end the reign of the secret government. This is dangerous and unappetizing work but necessary in order to return humanity’s shared timeline to one that supports humanity’s evolutionary path.

Welcome to the complexities.

A couple of factors have greatly enhanced the complexities. First, the secret government has naturally chosen to continue the quarantine imposed upon humanity blocking communications with Light based resources. Fortunately, this quarantine is only partial and there are ways around it but the quarantine remains and Light based information is fragmented and relies on discernment to filter out the misinformation and disinformation. Second, the secret government has made extensive use of time travel (one of the advancements made possible through Tesla’s science) and use this technology to alter humanity’s shared timeline in ways that we can only guess at but none the less have made the journey back to a Light based timeline more and more complex. The secret government controls humanity’s media the world over and use it to support their lies and manipulations. Very effective since those with truth are isolated and ridiculed. Few know the truth and fewer still believe it. The secret government is also ruthless and uses murder  to enforce their secrets. If you have inside information and choose to share it, you will probably not live long.

Those of us who have discovered the truth without insider status have a level of protection but we are still at risk and subject to a variety of dangers and harassments. Divinity was well aware of this and delayed my direct involvement until I had the spiritual maturity to deal with the secret government’s arsenal. First came the ability to dump unwanted energy, then the ability to clear entities from my personal space. Lately, I have been targeted by malevolent technologies and a new level of protection has been required.

Sound complex enough?

Despite the seemingly unlimited resources of the secret government and their willingness to do anything necessary to prevent a shift into a shared timeline based on serving the greater good, that shift is coming and coming fast.

I renew my pledge to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me especially as it relates to ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in serving the greater good.

May the shift happen quickly and without undue hardship on the human collective.

Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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3 Responses to Incredibly Complex

  1. Distressing to read this – thanks for sharing and for the work you do. I’ve been ‘having a bad feeling about this’ ever since the hijacking of Bernie Sanders campaign, FBI’s failure to indict Hillary and the increasing evidence of the police state which goes unchecked. May we have Victory of the Light and the end of suffering for all Beings!

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