Detours and Free Will

Detours are always as a result of a free will choice…always.

One of the tenets of new age philosophy is that everything is good and there to help us learn our lessons…to help us along our evolutionary path. While it is true that anything, including horrendous detours, can be used to further us along our evolutionary path; it is definitely not true that everything is good or that the higher plan deliberately includes detours.

All detours are the result of free will choices that do not target the greater good.

That is true at the galactic level where Ankara, the dark creator god, made the free will choice to test the power of love by creating warfaring civilizations that targeted to conquer and subjugate the entire galaxy. A huge detour resulted.

That is true at the world level where humanity’s secret government made the free will choice to subjugate the rest of humanity. The resulting detour is still being played out as humanity continues to live in the artificial timeline of duality and scarcity.

That is true in my personal life. When I follow my inner guidance my choices lead me toward fulfilling my mission. When I make a free will choice that is counter to my inner guidance, I go on detours.

In the past decade, I have consistently followed my inner guidance. As a result, I have been on very few detours, only one in the spring of 2008, and that was the result of overriding my inner guidance and making a free will choice instead. I corrected that choice in the summer of 2008 and returned to my evolutionary path, dedicated to living my mission.

My mission has led me down an unappetizing and dangerous path; the path of shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in truth, a timeline that serves the greater good. This Light based timeline is currently opposed by humanity’s secret government, and that is what makes this work dangerous.

As the Light nears the tipping point where the secret government can no longer maintain the illusion upon which the current timeline is built, I continue to follow my guidance and as a result, I continue to do my part in effecting the shift.

My skills and therefore the work I do is mostly at the level of energy, and because I live in limited consciousness, I often do not remember the work I do. However, I stay on the path of the Light and on the path of my mission by making all my choices in accordance with my inner guidance. I can think of no exceptions since the spring of 2008.

In addition, every day, in fact several times every day, I renew my pledge to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me especially as it relates to ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in Love, based in Light, based in truth and disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fulness of cosmic law.

Other than that, I keep my decks clear so I am available for any work that comes my way…and I practice just being, in accordance to inner guidance that was spoken to me on the winter solstice over eight months ago.

I leave the rest up to the Light. I ask for the Light’s protection and for any healing that may be necessary. I ask that I survive this transition and live into the new golden age that will result when humanity’s shared timeline shifts into the Light.

This work, the work of shifting humanity’s shared timeline, is far more advanced than most realize. The secret government is being attacked on many fronts and their illusion of scarcity and duality that keeps the existing dark timeline in place cannot long survive.

I continue to do my part as the final days of the secret government play out.

Soon a new age will dawn, a new Light based shared timeline will emerge and the old and outdated dark timeline based on the free will choices of the secret government will vanish. Soon humanity’s current detour will end.

Freedom for humanity…




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