I went to see the movie Snowden on Tuesday and this blog post has been roiling around within me ever since. That night I was woken in the wee hours with the knowing that my life is essentially an open book to humanity’s secret government and I would be best served by accepting that and working within that context. e.g. I have no secrets. This is a state of being that has long been attractive to me; so no big deal.

On the other hand, secrecy is the end all and be all to the secret government. Their power and their way of life depend on it and everything they do is based on maintaining their secrets. Why? Because what they are targeting is completely unacceptable to the rest of humanity (the subjugation and enslavement of the rest of humanity). They need us to help them pull off their plan because there is much to be done and many things have to be in place to allow the few to control and enslave the many. For the last seventy years, ever since stumbling upon Tesla’s scientific advances, the secret government has targeted humanity’s brightest minds in order to develop the desired technologies and harness them in order to achieve their overall objectives. All of this in complete secrecy.

How is this possible? How can free energy and faster than light travel be developed by humans and yet be kept secret from humanity? It was not easy and many lives have been lost or destroyed in the process. Here are the basics. The organizations who do this work are military or paramilitary where the guise of national security is foundational to all employed therein. Employees are inculcated with the need to keep secrets. The higher your security rating, the more you are allowed to know; but your security rating is absolutely dependent on your ability to keep secrets…wow…what a way of life. And yet, hundreds of thousands of our brightest and best live this life. Snowden was one of them. If you break the code of secrecy, you are subject to great penalties, up to and including death. Those are the basics.

Snowden was one of the few who escaped this web and lived to tell about it. Many have escaped this web by quitting and keeping their secrets but very few have told their secrets and lived to tell about it.

What Snowden told us was that the rest of us have no secrets. Our smart phones, our computers, our internet communications are all an open book to the secret government. That was his secret and he shared it three or so years ago. Many of us say, no big deal…I have nothing to hide. I was one of those until recently. Here is what is currently happening to me.

Toward the end of July, I began to be aware of malevolent technologies targeting me at night. I would be awakened by my guides and ‘told’ to leave my bedroom. I would go and sleep on a couch until daybreak when the technology was turned off. After a week or two of this, the technology was not turned off anymore and is now constantly targeting my apartment. I have made the appropriate adjustments and am now protected.

The purpose of this technology is to create cancer in those that are targeted. A nice elegant way of getting rid of people you don’t like because no questions are asked. Cancer just happens…right?

My weak point is my prostate gland and while I was figuring all this out, damage was done and I needed healing. I have learned the capability of surrendering illness and disease back to Source and did so sometime in August. One night, I was awakened by a ball of heat in the area of my prostate. At first I panicked thinking it was another attack; but the realization dawned that this was healing taking place for the damage done by the technology. I happily and gratefully accepted the healing and will do so as many times as necessary. Later that same night some additional information came in about how to avoid future attacks from this technology and I incorporated this information into my daily routines.

I am now safe and protected from this technology. It remains turned on 24/7 but can no longer harm me.

That was my secret for a couple of months now. Obviously, I do not tell this to most people because none of it is provable but within the context of this blog, it is appropriate information to be shared. Sharing information is an important Light based activity. After all, I learned of this technology from someone else and perhaps this knowledge will assist others who are targeted.

Soon the secret government and all their malevolent technologies will be exposed. Soon their entire closet of secrets, many of them highly beneficial to the rest of humanity, will be shared and humanity will usher in a bright and beautiful Light based shared timeline based on the end of secrecy, based on serving the greater good. It cannot come too soon in my opinion.

Freedom for humanity…


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