US Election – An Update

When Hillary Clinton had her health scare during the 9/11 tribute ceremony, things shifted dramatically in terms of the election campaign coverage. What happened?

Hillary wanted out. She wanted to quit and took that intention to a meeting with humanity’s secret government. Hillary quitting is anathema to the secret government. It opens the door for all sorts of things including one of their biggest nightmares; Bernie Sanders. Bernie was the runner up during the manipulated Democratic nomination process and if he replaced Hillary, he would be a shoo in to becoming president in a Light based uprising that would be the start of the far bigger worldwide shift and the ousting of the secret government. Ergo, Hillary’s intention to quit carried a great deal of leverage.

The secret government is not a unified whole but an assembly of factions. Humanity is very near to ousting them from power, with or without the shenanigans of the US election. In addition, opposition to Trump’s presidency has taken root, even within the secret government, and Hillary was convinced to remain in the race with substantial backing from factions within the secret government. Gone was the unified secret government’s efforts to throw Hillary under the bus in order to get Trump elected. Suddenly, some factions of the secret government’s controlled media began to support Hillary.

The pro-Hillary faction is now publishing dirt on Trump (there is plenty of it) and providing pro-Hillary coverage of the campaign including the recent debate. Another faction is still supporting Trump and continuing with the original elect Trump agenda but the net effect is a much more level playing field and the illusion of a free press as it relates to the US election.

Hillary remains ‘owned’ and largely controlled by the secret government but her energy read has shifted radically in this process. She has been in containment (an angelic process that baths those in it with penetrating Light based energies) for years but has resisted transitioning into the Light. That has finally shifted and she is energized and on a mission to defeat Trump. Her shift into the Light has provided her with fodder in what is quickly becoming an unfair contest. The Light based political pro vs the darkly inclined political neophyte. She is no Bernie Sanders but any candidate in the Light can easily outmanoeuvre Trump within a relatively level media playing field.

Never though I would say this but ‘Go Hillary Go!’

I am not sure what effect if any this has on the larger agenda of exposing and ousting the secret government. Those processes are well underway all over the world with the Russians playing the leading role and the far east leading the charge. The cat is out of the bag (there is a secret and unelected government) and putting it back is not in the cards. Brexit exposed the growing European backlash to the secret government’s mismanagement. Angela Merkel, the German leader, thumbed her nose at the false flags staged in her country in July. The Ponzi scheme of world-wide debt slavery is collapsing. The huge cost of running the secret government along with declining revenues is causing insolvency and bankruptcy of the secret government itself.

Only a few strongholds remain for the secret government with the US being the crown jewel. The secret government has become desperate and desperation causes mistakes…the elect Trump movement is proving to be a big one.

Hang onto your hats folks. Humanity is about to create the biggest shift imaginable. A shift from a timeline based in the dark’s illusion of duality and scarcity into a timeline based in Love and in Light.


Freedom for humanity…

November 2

This post very much overstates Hillary’s conversion into the Light. The rest is accurate but Hillary remains a servant of the secret government and she shares their agenda of the control and enslavement of the rest of humanity. I remain hopeful that she wins the upcoming election only because Trump is far more capable, imo, of taking humanity on an extended detour; delaying the coming shift into a Light based shared human reality.

Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to US Election – An Update

  1. swimman155 says:

    Usually your messages resonate with me, I have to disagree strongly when you support Hillary though…She just feels very, very wrong,….to me anyway.

  2. I can certainly understand that…what a choice…Trump vs Clinton…ugh!

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