Who Rules the World?

I just finished a new book written by Noam Chomsky, a professor at MIT, with this title (Who Rules the World?). The book has an unusual level of truth in it; identifying the USA as the world’s bully, sponsoring and carrying out terrorist activities the world over ever since becoming the world’s preeminent power after WWII. Perhaps this is Chomsky’s answer to his titular question.

Missing in Chomsky’s scholarly rendition is any mention of who truly rules the world; the world’s secret government, who have set and masterminded nearly all foreign policy decisions made by the US in the last seventy years. Who are the secret government?

The secret government has two preeminent factions. The European faction is led by the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia), a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of a medieval kingdom called Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. They created the world’s current monetary system, owning and controlling most of the world’s banks and the overview institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. For centuries, they have had a central planning system targeting their overall objective of controlling and enslaving the rest of humanity. You can work for the RKM, and many do, but you cannot be one without being born into it. The US faction is led by technocrats, who happened upon Tesla’s working papers after Tesla’s death in 1943, and have used US government funding and the US military’s secrecy protocols to develop free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel (by zeroing gravity), time travel technologies, and a vast array of mind and spirit control technologies. All have been kept secret from the rest of humanity (including the US government) and used to forward the secret government’s agenda of the control and enslavement of the rest of humanity.

These are the people who currently rule the world. They own and control the media worldwide; and set editorial policy. They own and control the world’s financial systems. They own and control the European Union. They own and control all the major corporations, especially ‘big oil’, pharmaceuticals, automotive, chemical, etc. They wrote and masterminded all the current so called free trade agreements, which are not about trade but about protecting the interests of their corporations. They have access to all internet information and communications as exposed by Snowden. They control the political process in the US and control a vast array of US government agencies including the CIA (foreign policy) and the FBI.

The secret government has managed to keep their very existence secret from the rest of humanity, even though they employ hundreds of thousands in their secret projects. If you are an insider, you are sworn to secrecy and your very life depends on keeping your secrets.  Only those at the very top know the true agenda of these projects. In addition, owning the media allows for the editorial repression of information they don’t want public. Threats and bribes are also common currency of the secret government and when even that fails, they have well funded ‘wet works’, the secret government’s euphemism for killing people they believe pose a threat to their empire and global agenda (often made to look natural, suicidal or accidental).

Chomsky accurately identifies the fact that those who rule the world are taking humanity on a oneway trip to extinction. He frequently asks the question of what can be done to prevent this but he provides few answers. Fortunately, the answers are simple and not that far away. Oust the secret world government, ending their artificial timeline based on serving their narrow interest; and disclose the presence of the friendly extraterrestrials (ETs) offering to assist humanity in creating a timeline based in serving the greater good. It is really that simple.

Chomsky’s two main threats are nuclear war and climate warming. Already (since the mid-1990s) the ETs are authorized (within cosmic law) to prevent the use of nuclear weapons and the vast US arsenal was removed from the control of the secret government and the US president (2012). There will be no nuclear war.

Climate warming is only a small part of the overall threat of environmental degradation. Fortunately, the secret technologies include free energy; a free and environmentally benign energy alternative to fossil fuels. Our universe was created with unlimited free energy encoded in all of space and humanity already has developed the appropriate technology. The secret government has prevented any of this from reaching the mainstream but free energy exists and will proliferate quickly once the secret government is ousted. The environment will then quickly rebound.

How close are we to ousting the secret government? Closer that most would guess. At the human level, the secret government is under attack from many threats. The Russians are already free of their influence and are aligned with one of the ET races; and the Russians are leading the ousting efforts. The far east, especially China, is largely free and moving quickly into the ousting camp. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) is aligned against the secret government and are providing financial alternatives to the secret government’s debt slavery. Brexit showed a growing discontent with the secret government’s political arm known as the European Union. These are a few of the human initiatives.

At the cosmic level, galactic support for the secret government ended in the 1990s when the Ankara Alliance surrendered to the Light’s agenda, and all member civilizations were advised to follow suit. Most did but not Earth’s secret government. Cosmic energies targeting the enlightenment of all of humanity have been beamed our way for years and this is continuing. More and more of humanity is waking up.

In summary, the secret government, who have long ruled the world are in their final days. They will soon be ousted and humanity will then birth a bright and beautiful new timeline based on serving the greater good.

We are all doing our part in this momentous undertaking.

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to Who Rules the World?

  1. Guy says:

    Very well said. Ok we’re 2 weeks from my last comment and your response. Do you still maintain that HRC is the better candidate? The Veritas films and WikiLeaks released this week sure seem to prove additional corruption by the DNC and HRC. Your thoughts?

    • Thanks Guy. Both are terrible candidates (both are agents of the secret government) but in terms of creating a detour that delays the shift into a Light based timeline, Trump is by far the most dangerous; imo. As such I am hoping HRC wins… in the event that the shift does not happen before the election.

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