The Collective for Greater Good Changes

I have always had strong visioning skills. Even when living a life targeting success as defined in 3D, the vision was there…not fully developed; but there. My  vision was to succeed in the business world and use the platform of that success to change the world. At that point, the vision got fuzzy…but the vision was there; change the way business was done and use that to transform the world.

Last night, some of the trauma from my business career revisited me and I asked to understand it all better in ways that serve my current efforts to transform the world.

Yes, you were used and abused by a darkly inclined boss which effectively ended your business career; however, living your mission was impossible from within the business community so do not dwell there. In fact, your soul actively worked toward ending your business success to allow you to find the path you are currently on…a path that will succeed, with the help of thousands of others, some in the physical and some in other planes. This path required that you develop spiritually and leave the business community behind. Your dark boss helped you on your way!

What are the takeaways from all of this? First, the power of a vision is not limited to the narrow path that is currently being walked…sometimes, that path is insufficient and the vision, with its connection to Source, has the capability of altering the path in completely unknown and unexpected ways. History is full of examples…like Mandela’s prison term that unexpectedly led to his vision of ending apartheid.

Second, the time-honoured tradition of changing something from the inside out has little chance of success. The inside deck is stacked against paradigm shifts and when they happen, it is almost always due to forces acting from the outside. If you really want to change something, find an outside-in way to do it. Bernie Sanders and Vladimir Putin are current examples. Sander’s attempts to shift the US political landscape were inside-out based and the stacked deck derailed him…at least for now. Putin’s attempts to shift are outside-in based. The path he has followed first ended the secret government’s control over Russia. Now, they are focused on applying pressure from the outside-in. That deck is not stacked and may well result in a monumental paradigm shift…into a new shared human timeline based in Light.

What are my personal take-aways? I have lived over a decade now following the inner guidance that is in each of us. There is one common theme in this inner guidance…it is based in serving the greater good. Our missions are all germinated in the ‘oneness’ and only the greater good has power there. Self interest just does not register within the oneness…it does not compute! It makes sense therefore; that living my mission can only be done by following greater good guidance. That was a difficult lesson for me to learn and a difficult path to follow as detours into self interest keep showing up. Only by accessing the always available inner guidance and by following that guidance unfailingly have I been able to stay on course. It gets easier and easier but is never automatic.

Years ago, I read something that really resonated…it went something like this. The time of the individual master is over. The time when an individual can succeed in making world altering shifts is past. Work as part of a collective. Greater good guidance is my pathway to connecting into the collective that is shifting humanity’s shared timeline into a timeline based in Light. Often, I feel abandoned and without allies in my 3D reality…lots of nay-sayers and doubters but few, if any, allies. But when faced with this, I simply go inward. What I find within is a broad and rich community of support…some in the physical and some beyond. That is my collective…the collective of serving the greater good. It is that collective that is bringing bright and beautiful shifts to all of humanity. It is an honour to be a part of this collective.

Freedom for humanity…




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4 Responses to The Collective for Greater Good Changes

  1. Blessed Be – Thanks for your efforts!

  2. Yes, and the community in the physical plane is gaining momentum. The internet facilitates our connection with kindred spirits and we are emboldened in knowing we are not alone. 🙂🙏

  3. Indeed, FromTeachertoHealer. 🙂

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