The US Election Looms

Here we are, less than a week away from the fraudulent US election and either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will soon be the president elect of the world’s preeminent power, the United States of America. Time to peek behind the scenes and see what is there.

The secret government is divided, with the eastern base supporting Trump and the western base supporting Clinton, and so the stacked deck that works against all Light based candidates is not functioning and there may actually be a fair election since both of the major candidates are representatives of the secret government. Hmmm…appears pretty hopeless in terms of ousting the secret government or effecting a shift into a new timeline based in Light doesn’t it?

Underneath the hustle and bustle, underneath the media frenzy and the mud slinging by both candidates is the energy of change. Firstly, the secret government is divided and a divided house cannot stand. Secondly, the secret government’s illusion based on the premise that the secret government does not exist is being ripped and shredded; and once that illusion is dispelled, the secret government cannot long survive.

The rest of this post will deal with the timeline created if Clinton wins because there are far fewer variables in this timeline. If Trump wins, I will begin working within those complexities but not before.

Okay…Clinton is the president elect but not yet inaugurated. Already dirt is surfacing about the corrupt Clintons and their corrupt foundation. The FBI has been cowed into silence but they have the goods on the Clintons and they are not the only ones. Wikileaks has lots more incriminating evidence against the Clintons including the voter fraud of the Democratic nominations. Perhaps the secret government, once again united because Trump is gone, can continue to repress all of this but perhaps not. The secret government gained control of the FBI and the CIA about fifty years ago but both are experiencing inner revolutions; with ever growing strength moving into Light based camps. More and more of the people in these key agencies are rebelling against continued servitude toward dark causes. Also, the US congress will continue working to sabotage the Democrats; perhaps a congressional hearing? Already, there are portions of the US military who are supporting the Light, especially a faction within the navy that took over control of the US nuclear arms in 2012. Hillary’s campaign rhetoric cautioning against giving Trump control over the US’s nuclear arms is just rhetoric…the US president has not had that control since early 2012 and that will not change no matter who is elected.

No one can predict how it will unravel but the betting man in me is certainly predicting that it will unravel…the Clintons will be exposed and Hillary will never be inaugurated. Perhaps the secret government will remain secret amid the chaos but perhaps not. The Clintons have gotten to where they are by unfailingly supporting the secret government, including their agenda of the control and enslavement of the rest of humanity and the connections are everywhere. Perhaps the controlled press can keep the lid on things, but perhaps not and presto…the secret government is no longer secret. Oh what a happy day that will be.

The Light also has a variety of outside of the US forces working toward truth and disclosure. This includes the Russians, BRICS, and a variety of forces aligned with the Light (both human and off-world). Imagine the opening created if the Clintons are exposed. Looks to me like the start of the shift and ultimate victory for the Light.

The secret government is aware of all of this and they have really stepped up their offensive hoping to create a detour through the US elections that delays the coming shift into the Light. My personal world is experiencing all kinds of turmoil as a result. Nights are sometimes pretty rough and my home is the target of malevolent technologies. Fortunately, I live in Canada so they can’t ‘just drone me’ like they do in most of the world.

Divinity’s advice on the winter solstice nearly a year ago to ‘just be’ is making more and more sense as all of this develops. By ‘just being’ I am always available to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me as these momentous shifts take place. By consistently following my inner guidance, I am part of a gigantic Light based team doing this work.

Freedom for humanity…


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6 Responses to The US Election Looms

  1. katelon says:

    It is interesting to me that much of the dirty deeds the Clintons are cited for is the same as that that has come forth about Trump …..rape, sexual assault, pedophile activity, huge tax evasion, fraudulent university, huge amounts if fraudulent business activity, brags about buying off politicians, data.accumulated about his computer server connected with a Russian bank to receive secret emails, documented use of foundation funds for personal use….the list goes on and on. He has a fraud trial coming up in Nov. and the rape hearing in Dec.

    I’ve been so targeted by the dark lately that I had to go back on prednisone for a little while after struggling for months.

  2. Thank you, Katelon…hang in there; we are winning! 🙂

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