The Trump Timeline Lives On

I wrote and posted this nearly 8 months ago on March 12 and I sincerely hoped that we would not get to this point where Trump is now the president elect of the USA. It is being reposted to help understand the current situation.

The secret world government has very advanced technology which has been keep secret from the rest of humanity and used to advance their dark agenda of controlling and enslaving humanity. One of these technologies is time travel and the use of time travel to manipulate and control humanity’s shared timeline.

Human time travel began when the American military shot down an ET space craft near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 (using secret scalar technology). In their reverse engineering work that followed, they found they could time travel using the pilot’s chair and quickly discovered a time line anomaly at the winter solstice of 2012. The pilot would experience a bump like hitting a curb and their reality shifted into an expansive, blissful experience where dark agendas ceased to function well.

Hmmm…’this will never do’ and the secret government began experimenting to see if they could change all of this. Timelines are fluid and can be shifted and in the sixty years that followed, the human dark found many ways to delay the shift that was intended for 2012. Humanity is now living in one such alternative timeline although it is only partially of the dark’s creation and is quickly unraveling for the dark, moving toward a life-changing shift into a Light based timeline.

One of the most effective and lengthy delay mechanisms was the timeline of electing Donald Trump as the US President. The timeline of Trump’s presidency was an unmitigated disaster by most standards but by the standard of delaying the shift into a Light based timeline, it was an outstanding success. This timeline is fragile but greatly valued by the secret government and they experimented to see what worked and what did not.

The Trump timeline did not work if Trump was aware of the dark’s guiding hand and that is how it is presently playing out. Trump is a dupe in this timeline, believing his success as a businessman and as a reality TV star is self-earned. Only the very top of the secret government is aware of the overall game plan and the machinations currently being played out pitting Trump against the established political machines is not play acting…both Trump and the Republican establishment are dupes and the fight is real. Meanwhile the timeline continues to play out successfully with Trump and his presidential bid benefiting from the illusion that Trump is ‘his own man’ and a self made success.

The Trump timeline also cannot succeed against a light based Democratic candidate such as Bernie Sanders. The other Democratic candidates are pawns of the secret government and Trump can win against such candidates as the illusion of his self made success plays very well against a pawn…all the way the secret government planned the Trump timeline and is stage managing it.

What can be done to derail the Trump timeline? The Trump timeline is extremely fragile and ultimately self-defeating. There are many possible failure modes and I am confident one will arise. If you are a US citizen and want to get involved, supporting Sanders has the most leverage. If you are an observer of the US election (I am Canadian), continue your present path and do not get too caught up in the US drama…the Trump timeline is bound to fail.

For all of us, the most effective Trump timeline antidote is to honour and develop our authentic self and expand our consciousness. The darkness as expressed in humanity’s secret world government has no antidote for expanded consciousness and authentic individuals.

The shift into a Light based shared human timeline is not preventable. The dark secret world government is playing their last card, the Trump card, but they cannot succeed. Humanity is about to shift into a Light based shared timeline and the implosion of the Trump timeline will usher that shift into humanity’s shared reality.

The implosion of the Trump timeline has not happened yet but it will. Trump and his secret government backers have achieved the first stage of what they hope is a long detour avoiding the Light based shift that is cued up and waiting in the wings.

The Trump timeline is based on partial disclosure, where limited information is made public but the secret government remains in power and in secret. Partial disclosure does not include free energy or friendly ETs…we shall see.

Freedom for humanity…


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9 Responses to The Trump Timeline Lives On

  1. katelon says:

    Julian did a great job of handing this to Trump and the dark. It all reminds me of those ignorant masses cheering on all my previous tortures and deaths as I worked to help bring about the light and shut down the dark. I’m doing what I can to keep focused on the light.

    • It is indeed a sad day…better days are to come but not quite yet…hang in there Katelon.

      • katelon says:

        Thanks John…I could barely sleep last night, or for days really…processong this all. Yes, the Clintons are dark, too, but people chose to vote for someone who has spent his entire life being self serving and running over anyone in his way. He shows zero concern for anyone else’s well being. At least Hillary has done public service much of her life.

  2. Lina Englund says:


    What makes you think our journey towards a lightbased timeline would have been faster with Hillary? She really scares the crap out of me with her “no fly zones” in Syria (which is an act of war) and her promises to attack Iran? I really can’t see snything positive about that…?

    Best regards, Lina in Sweden

    Skickat från min iPhone

    > 9 nov. 2016 kl. 18:13 skrev Freedom4humanity’s Blog : > > >

    • All true Lina but Hillary was/is an easy target and as such could not take humanity on much of a detour…Trump is not an easy target and is therefore far more dangerous as a detour agent.

  3. Guy says:

    Again I have to strongly disagree with you. Trump didn’t need the hassle or money associated with getting into government, especially at his age. The Clinton Foundation is far, far more corrupt and ingrained. They both (Clintons) are proven liars, thieves, and criminals.The political system is completely broken and has to be repaired. Bringing in an outsider, who is not a member of their cults and pedophilia rings, can only improve the situation.

    You were wrong about HRC being elected, like most of the media, and I believe that you are wrong on the timelines as well.

    What are your sources for your claims regarding the time lines?

    • Thank you Guy. My sources are mostly from the level of energy and an inner discernment of truth. That is what I target (truth). In my opinion, truth is not currently available to us in any other way. Btw, I agree with your assessment of the Clintons but believe you are a dupe as it relates to the likely outcomes of the Trump timeline.

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