One Door Closes – Another Opens

These few days since the US election have been tumultuous within my inner world. I was attached to Hillary winning and the resulting timeline of exposing her etc. Releasing attachments is how I got onto the path of my mission and part of the tumult was releasing this attachment…it is now gone; surrendered back to Source, the technique I use for releasing all attachments.

As the door closes, I will give a brief history of the election as it has been given me. The secret government has controlled and stage-managed this election from start to finish. Until Hillary’s 9/11 health scare, they (the secret government) were unified in electing Trump. When she threatened to quit, a rift occurred and the rest of the campaign was played out with one faction supporting Hillary and another continuing to support Trump. Wikileaks and other leaks convinced the Hillary faction to abandon that path and the voting machines were rigged to elect Trump. Ergo, the ‘stunning’ election result.

Okay…now the door opening.

Trump is not controlled by the secret government. Yes, they ensured he became a billionaire and a reality TV star in order to preserve their option of creating a detour to delay the coming shift into the Light; however, had they succeeded in creating WWIII, that detour would not have been needed and the risks associated with the Trump detour would have been eschewed. That was the hope of the Hillary supporters within the secret government and creating WWIII would have been the agenda had she been elected…those attempts would have been a spectacular failure resulting in a Light based shared timeline.

What are the risks to the secret government associated with the Trump detour? A faction of the secret government believes the path of partial disclosure has the best chance of prolonging their hold over humanity. Partial disclosure is based on making some truth known but controlling what is released in such a way that the secret government stays in power. They have been working on this for several years already and Trump will be their mouthpiece. What is planned to be disclosed and what is planned to be withheld is not known to me; but some things are self evident. Free energy will be withheld since the entire basis of the secret government’s power depends on an economy dependent on fossil fuels. Friendly ETs will be withheld since the free energy secret cannot be kept once humanity begins communicating with friendly ETs. Aspects of the financial world may be disclosed with shake-ups etc. but the target will be to maintain overall control of world finances. Aspects of the secret government may be exposed but this will be a layer or more below the top. Already we are seeing the complexity of this pathway and the risks are obvious.

Earlier this year (February) I came to terms with the concept of partial disclosure and was assured by the Light that if attempted, partial disclosure would quickly become full disclosure…that is the primary risk the secret government has assumed by electing Trump. Trump himself is a supporter of partial disclosure and that is the path he will take. The partial disclosure path will initially be supported by the secret government and their considerable resources such as world-wide control of the media, etc.

The day after the election I was a wits end and went walking, asking for guidance about how to proceed.  ‘Accept the result and allow events to proceed. Trump intends to initiate some things in the early part of his term that are beneficial to the Light and will initiate the coming shift into a shared timeline based in Light.’

A very similar thing happened when Gorbachev attempted to salvage the Soviet Union through glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring). Once initiated, natural forces took over and the Soviet Union (a creation of the world’s secret government) collapsed. Trump is now in the role of initiator and his target is to salvage the secret government’s political creation called the United States of America. Once initiated, natural forces will take over and the USA as we presently know it will collapse; taking with it the entire secret government and birthing a Light based shared human timeline.

That is the stage we are now in…patience, everyone…patience.

The shift into a Light based timeline is not preventable and a door has opened.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to One Door Closes – Another Opens

  1. so encouraging, thanks~!!

  2. Angela says:

    Fear of the unknown….
    “….the USA as we presently know it will collapse; taking with it the entire secret government and birthing a Light based shared human timeline.”

    When will this occur, within a year? two? three years?? How much time do we have? What are ordinary citizens now of the US, in my case, California, to do when it collapses. Will we be safe? Will we have our basic needs met: food, water & shelter? Will we no longer be Americans?
    Is it safer to leave the United States and move elsewhere? If so, where? What does collapse mean and how will it play out??

    • A lot of fear here, Angela…there is nothing to fear. How did the Soviet Union collapse? It broke apart politically ending a corrupt political system but the people were not harmed. The people thrived. It will be the same in the USA. It is the political system that collapses in these changes. The people thrive.

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