Ending Humanity’s Detour

One of the things I am good at is cutting through the noise; and there is lots of it due to the  uncertainty surrounding Trump’s election. What is going to happen? What are Trump’s presidential intentions? No one knows…including me.

It is truly amazing to me that so little information about Trump and his intentions came through to me prior to his election. I know I was attached to shunting him to the sidelines and getting on with what I consider important but still, the man is an enigma. Yes, he is egoic and appears self-interested in the extreme…but what does he stand for? Who is he at the level of his soul, his authentic self? Usually, I can get a read on people but nothing came through on Trump prior to the election. That is changing and amid the noise; some important information is now available on Trump along with some energy reads which are far more positive that I would have believed possible during his candidacy.

Before getting back to Trump lets look at what I consider important. Over a decade ago, I decided I would live my mission; do what I came into this lifetime to do. I broad terms, I came to assist humanity with their ascension process. Shortly after my birth, the ascension process was hi-jacked by a small and self-interested faction of humanity who took humanity on a detour by creating humanity’s current shared timeline based on the illusions of duality and scarcity. By mid 2009, I was aware of this detour and could see that a large portion of humanity was trapped in the detour’s illusion, preventing them from taking advantage of the ascension opportunity. As a result, I pledged to do whatever was given me in terms of ending this detour so everyone could make an informed choice about ascension. The detour continues and ending it became my mission; my gift to humanity. Once the detour is ended humanity will return to their evolutionary path and ascension will soon follow.

Ending the detour has been my singular focus ever since…seven years now and counting.

Back to Trump. The US election was decided in the back rooms of the secret government. One faction, often called the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) supported Hillary and the other faction, US based technocrats supported Trump. In the end, the technocrats prevailed and Trump was chosen through rigged voting machines. The voters were just window dressing.

Yesterday, information came through to me that Trump is targeting the RKM and wants to end their influence. That was a significant part of his motivation in running for president.

This means that the RKM now have two very powerful adversaries; Trump, the US President; and Putin, the Russian President. Already the Russians are free of their influence and it appears Trump may be targeting that same thing for the US. In addition, the RKM are losing their touch world-wide. They lost the Brexit vote in Britain last May putting pressure on the European Union, their political invention; and now they lost the US election. The RKM’s days may be numbered.

Now that would be significant progress toward ending humanity’s detour.

The secret government wants partial disclosure and Trump will be their spokesman. Among the secret technologies developed by the secret government since WWII is the ability to travel in time and they have perverted this ability by using it for self-interested purposes. Time travel identified Trump’s presidency as a way to prolong the detour and that path is now in progress. The secret government has also used time travel to go back in time and change history in ways that benefit them. This practice has unforeseen dire consequences for the secret government but in the short term these changes have cemented the secret government’s hold over humanity and we are currently on a detour made possible through the changes that were made. I do not know what these changes were, only that this perversion occurred.

Perhaps the secret government will sacrifice the RKM within their partial disclosure plan and perhaps not…we shall see. In any event, partial disclosure is fraught with dangers for the secret government and the Light assures me that partial will soon become full disclosure…revealing for all to see the secret government, their secret technologies, their various crimes against humanity and the friendly ETs already in our skies.

The result will be a beautiful shift, ending the current detour, into a shared human timeline based in Love and based in Light; a timeline that serves the greater good instead of the present timeline that serves only a few at the top.

Once we end the current detour by shifting into a Light based timeline, the ascension process will kick into high gear.

Freedom for humanity…


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5 Responses to Ending Humanity’s Detour

  1. katelon says:

    Hoping that is sooner than later. Trump’s choice in his Chief of staff is a know white supremist, he wants to shut down Roe V Wade, shut down all funding for clean energy, on and on. The only groups he really wants to support are the very wealthy, big corporations, and his business interests and bank account….and white wealthy males.

  2. YAY!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Guy says:

    Katelon it sounds like you’ve bought into the CNN/MSNBC/HRC narrative. When can we stop making it about race?

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