Possible False Flag – Alien Attack

First, let me make it very clear that a real alien attack is not possible for two reasons. The most important one is that the galactic wars ended about two decades ago when the dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised all of his alliance to do likewise. Most followed Ankara’s lead but a few went rogue and continued their power over others agenda. By now, there are no aggressors ‘out there’ with the will and the resources to attack earth. A secondary reason is that earth’s skies are filled with friendly and supportive ETs from around our galaxy and beyond that would shield earth and humanity should an attack occur.

On the other hand, a false flag alien attack is entirely possible. A false flag, in this context, is an act of the secret government that they blame on someone else, in this case off-planet aliens. The secret world government is a small and unelected group of men who control world finances, the world’s media, and most of the world’s political systems. They have a central planning function and a false flag alien attack has been and perhaps still is part of their plan to gain total control over the rest of humanity. The plan was to unite the world against terrorism, which they created and stage-managed, (a done deal with ISIS etc. and military control over the middle east) and then escalate into uniting the world against an off-world aggressor that they created since such an aggressor does not otherwise exist. e.g. a false flag alien attack. The secret government has the technological capability to stage a fake alien attack (in one channeled report the new movie Arrival was a stage setter) and with control over the media, they can then spread hysteria and use that to further their agenda of enslaving humanity.

Why write about this now? Many people channeling off-world information are reporting this possibility at the present time. Plus, the secret government is newly united by the US election and have an agenda of partial disclosure which may have set the stage to begin this new phase of terrorism.

A false flag of this magnitude will have a secret government higher purpose. Either to set the stage for implementing legislation favourable to the secret government; such as 9/11 led to the patriot’s act which brought Soviet Union legislation to the US justice system as it relates to ‘national security’. Or to prevent an initiative of the Light. If the Light is poised to create a shift into Light based initiatives, such as a Light based takeover of world finances or disclosure of friendly ETs or free energy technology, the secret government may preempt this with a false flag alien attack.

What can prevent the secret government from creating a false flag alien attack?

It is possible that the secret government’s partial disclosure agenda does not include this particular false flag; and this entire discussion is then moot. It is also possible that the friendly ETs will not allow this type of false flag, just as they are not allowing the secret government to use nuclear weapons. Preventing the use of nuclear weapons has been in force for several years already; so nuclear attacks are no longer an option for the secret government or anyone else for that matter. However, none of the channeled sources are reporting this level of intervention so a false flag alien attack may remain an option for the secret government. A related deterrent is the very real possibility of an ET intervention in the event the secret government tries a false flag alien attack. There are many weak points when pulling off such an audacious slight of hand and many openings for exposure that could be exploited. This is a real deterrent. Another deterrent is the risk associated with false flags in general and this false flag in particular. 9/11 continues as a potential deal breaker for the secret government as many people see through the official story and much evidence has been brought forward debunking it. Keeping the lid on any false flag takes a great deal of resources and ones of this magnitude are like open sores for the secret government. The secret government may not be willing to take on such a liability.

There you have it folks, an outsider’s look at the the possibility of a false flag alien attack.

A shift into a Light based shared human timeline is underway and the tipping point nears. As humanity approaches that tipping point, the secret government may attempt to derail that momentum by playing one of their few remaining cards – a false flag alien attack.

We shall see.

Freedom for humanity…


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