Memo to Trump – The Old Ways Will Not Work Anymore

For those of you who think Trump is a secret Lightworker; he is not. I can now tell you this from personal experience; nothing provable, but direct personal experience.

Trump is however, what some off-worlders refer to as a wildcard. Someone or something that changes everything or is a catalyst for such a change. Steve Jobs and the personal computer is an example. Hitler and WWII is another of the darker variety.

The simplest and in many ways the best distinction between dark and Light is self service vs service to others. Trump is well and truly dedicated to self service and is therefore an agent of darkness. His overall game plan is to make changes that serve his self interest. Some of those changes serve everyone as he and his secret government backers are convinced that the eastern faction of the secret government (called by some the RKM for Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) no longer serves their (Trump and his backers) self interest in the USA. They intend to go to war against the RKM, eliminating the RKM’s US based strongholds. Their larger game plan is to consolidate their power under what they call partial disclosure beginning many more years where they stay as the rulers of the USA and by extension, the most powerful people on earth.

Trouble is the old ways will not work anymore! I am ‘told’ that some within the secret government are saying this and Trump called them on this. “See for yourself”, they said. Okay, said Trump, and he targeted my friend Katelon. Katelon is a natural target as she is completely dedicated to bringing forth a Light based shift which requires bringing down the secret government. She is also staunchly anti-Trump with strong Light based capabilities at the level of energy and is an activist doing wonderful work, especially in support of the Standing Rock anti-pipeline protests in North Dakota.

He was aware that Katelon and I have done a lot of work together, including a nine month stint a couple of years ago dedicated to a surrender option that the secret government rejected, and of my capabilities in assisting others when their energy field is compromised. Trump and his secret government backers, diverted my attention with lies based on ‘we are wildcards bringing Light to humanity…let us be!’ They attacked Katelon directly. The secret government knows the weak points of people of interest and exploits them. Katelon’s lungs are her weak point and that is where they focused their malevolent energies and she woke in the morning struggling to breathe.

Our communications very nearly unravelled as that same night (Saturday), Trump upped the deception by appearing in my dreams promising to eliminate interest charges on debt. A very Light based wildcardish action but my guides assure me that it is untrue and not part of their partial disclosure plan. Katelon knows of my capabilities to clear malevolent energies and asked if I could help her and her lungs. I agreed to check into the matter, not sure I could help.

I went walking and went into her field, specifically the area of her lungs. Wow…all sorts of energies and entities that were uninvited and did not belong. The clearing took several minutes and several visits to her field. Initially my presence was strongly rebuffed by the invaders but I was invited and they were not; and I could feel the energy jolts as they left. I could also feel an awesome difference as her field cleared and sovereignty returned.

My guides ensured that I shared it all with Katelon and we agreed to do a session the next day targeting protection and extending our mutual Light based agenda of creating a Light based shift which ends the secret government’s rule. The next day, her lung function had returned to normal and our session went very well, including calling in Trump’s high self and informing him to cease and desist. Under the quarantine, invading another’s field is commonplace but it is a violation of cosmic law and directly telling another that they are unwelcome strengthens cosmic law after which, further violations become very dangerous for the transgressor. This we did.

Trump is a wildcard who is attempting to serve his self interest using the old tried and true methods. Trouble is the old ways will not work anymore and his activities will trigger a world-wide change, tipping all of humanity into a shared timeline based in Light.

May it happen quickly and with a minimum of chaos.

Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Memo to Trump – The Old Ways Will Not Work Anymore

  1. katelon says:

    Great post John! Thanks again for helping clear my body and field after this recent attack and the horrid one targeting my spine on the 17th and 18th. I’m glad we could get some other work done, too. Here’s to a soon shift into the light and end of dark rule forever.

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