Sound Keys for the New Shared Human Timeline

In the spring of 2011 some important learning was sent my way. If you want to change something, do not do it from the inside out, do it from the outside in. Create a timeline that has what you want and let that timeline do the work of ousting all that you do not want.

When we do personal timelines that affect few others, this is easily done. When we do shared timelines, it is far more complex but the same principles apply. The existing shared human timeline is one of scarcity and duality. Both are based on illusion because in truth, the universe is one of abundance, not scarcity; and we are all one at the most fundamental level so all forms of duality are based on illusion. The existing timeline was created and is being maintained by a few self-interested men who make up what I call the secret government. There are two heads to this secret government, the European based RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) and the US based technocrats who secretly developed Tesla’s science and now have a variety of secret technologies including free energy, faster than light travel and time travel technologies.

Focusing on defeating the secret government to make room for a new timeline is not the route I am choosing. That route has too many difficulties and too many self-interested supporters.

My target is to create a new timeline based on truth and disclosure and let that timeline oust the secret government. They cannot stay in power within a timeline of truth and disclosure.

In truth, humanity does not need any of the existing energy sources because free energy is encoded in all of space, more than enough for all of our needs, both present and future and without any degradation of our shared environment. All we need is truth and all energy and environmental issues disappear. A timeline based in truth and disclosure of free energy supersedes the existing timeline.

In truth, humanity is not alone in the universe. We are one of literally thousands, perhaps millions of advanced civilizations all based on the same formula for life that is encoded in all of space. The existing timeline depends on the illusion that we are unique in all of creation; a timeline based in truth and disclosure of our galactic brethren supersedes the existing timeline.

My current affirmation that I use several times every day is I pledge to do what is mine to do and what the Light asks of me, especially as it relates to ending the existing shared human timeline by replacing it with a shared timeline based in Love, based in Light, based in oneness, based in truth and disclosure, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of cosmic law.

Over the past few weeks the Light brought a new aspect into this work. My friend Katelon experienced a series of dark attacks, first to her spine, then to her lungs and another to her throat chakra. She asked for my help and in each case, I found malevolent forces at work invading her field which is against cosmic law. Each time, I was able to do the required clearing and return her field to its sovereign state. On the third occasion I was given information that Katelon had some keys within her and the dark was attacking her to prevent those keys from being activated. Katelon got confirmation from her guides and  decided to activate the Light based keys within her.

I held the space during the activation ceremony. She was guided to open the first door allowing a sound key to be transmitted to humanity through her heart chakra. She was also ‘told’ to open a new door each day, activating a stronger and stronger sound key, until the shift into the Light occurred. I was also present on day two and the dark was very active in their resistance. Some I was able to block and act as a shield but some got through and attacked Katelon’s physical body. Each door that Katelon opened increases her Light based strength and my shielding and clearing work is no longer required. I remain willing to help as required but I am also willing to stand aside and cheer lead. Katelon has a strong etheric level connection with Obama and has been directing part of the sound key his way supporting him in taking Light based initiatives in the final days of his presidency. She is also targeting corruption, greed, and self-interest including Trump and his secret government backers; using the sound keys as a weapon.

How all of this plays out is not known to either of us or even to the Light forces that support our work. What we do know is that the Light based timeline we are creating is strengthened and empowered with these new sound keys, each day becoming more and more powerful.

A shift into a Light based timeline for all of humanity is underway. This timeline will replace the existing shared human timeline because the new timeline is based in truth and based in disclosure.

Many people are working on aspects of this new timeline and together we are altering the course of human history.

You too can do your part.

Freedom for humanity…


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6 Responses to Sound Keys for the New Shared Human Timeline

  1. katelon says:

    Great post. Thanks for all you do for humanity and me.

  2. Tim says:

    There are approximately four trillion inhabited planets, each with an average of approximately 300 million incarnate beings. The oldest race, the Drakh, (dinosaurian humanoids) have this year started to remove problematic Anunnaki (whose homeworld is in the Pleiades and who, as pirates who have run this planet for over 10 million years, are being hunted by the homeworld’s ambassador and a fleet of Anunnaki military ships) and problematic Draco (distant relatives of the Drakh but with a hierarchical culture that tends to breed arrogance) from this planet, a delicate operation that will be complete by November 2018. The Drakh work with the second oldest race, the Antids, and other species such as the Serpoians (greys from the planet Serpo) and the Alureans (more humanoid than grey in appearance). These last two taskforces are deciding on the best way to revitalise Earth agriculture to provide base material for replicators that materialise foods and other goods. This will soon be needed. Animals throughout the universe will die out so that animal spirits can become spirit sentinels across the universe instead of suffering in physical bodies. Physical bodies for the rest of us will die out over the next two thousand years and be replaced by energy bodies similar to those used by fae spirits who will reappear around 2080 to help us prepare for this transition. Physical bodies are too prone to suffer and to causing suffering.

  3. katelon says:

    Reblogged this on Empower and Balance and commented:
    This is what I’ve been up to for a few weeks now…clearing, healing, and I’m still pretty weak as my body is using these sound keys to clear dark implants the dark embedded in me at birth. I continue to open a new key each day, each one more powerful than the one before it, aiming it at the DAPL, Trump, the secret govt. to end the darkness, corruption, power over others, etc. that has kept us separate, enslaved, ill and struggling for hundreds of years. I’m also using the sound to help heal humanity and the planet and restore all to the light and Oneness.

    I was told that others have these keys inside as well, so if you are one of these people, and choose to assist, please ask for guidance, protection, and start opening the doors to these keys to bring forth the shift into the light.

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