Partial Disclosure – the Dark’s Last Card

The epic battle for control of humanity’s shared timeline is nearing its end game and the dark’s last card is about to be played. It is called Partial Disclosure.

The dark hopes that partial disclosure will set the stage for many more years of the dark controlling humanity’s shared timeline. The Light hopes that partial disclosure explodes in the dark’s collective faces and becomes full disclosure, setting the stage for a timeline based in truth, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of cosmic law.

The dark is a well organized mafia with two heads. One head is what many call the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) based in Europe who have for centuries controlled humanity’s timeline with the help of dark ETs both on planet (underground) and off. These ETs are now all surrendered to the Light’s agenda and the RKM stands without off world support. At the level of energy, the RKM controls a wide variety of malevolent energies and technologies that continue as a formidable resource in the battle to control humanity’s shared timeline.

The second head of the dark mafia are relative newcomers. They are technocrats based in the USA who developed Tesla’s science after he died in 1943 using US government funding and the US military’s secrecy protocols to develop a number of advanced technologies including faster than light travel, free energy, time travel technologies, and a variety of mind and spirit control technologies. All were kept secret from humanity and from the US government.

For decades these two heads worked hand in glove to cement their control over human’s shared timeline and prevent humanity from returning to their evolutionary path, planned to occur at the December solstice of 2012. Succeed they did and humanity has been taken on a dark detour these last four years.

Lately, some infighting has occurred and the well oiled mafia is splitting in two (no pun intended although Big Oil is one of the centrepieces of the dark’s timeline). The US portion (the technocrats) elected Trump as their mouthpiece and is targeting to take control of all US assets, many of which are now owned by the RKM. The European portion (the RKM) has suffered a number of electoral defeats, notably Brexit, the US election (their horse was Hillary), and referendums in Greece and Italy. In a last ditch effort to remain in control, they have planned their own version of partial disclosure. I do not have their play book but the recent spat of political resignations (Hollande in France, Renzi in Italy, etc.) is setting the stage for European Partial Disclosure. Even if partial disclosure works out as the dark plans, the mafia which has been a world-wide secret government will be split with the technocrats controlling the US and the RKM controlling Europe. A level of cooperation continues between the two heads, especially as it relates to the partial disclosure overall game plan.

The Light is not nearly so well organized but truth is on our side. The Russians are leading humanity’s resistance movement. They are already aligned with one of the ET races and have technologies superior to those developed by the technocrats. They are also leading the march toward Light based financial systems which would end the dark’s world wide financial control. The Light also has all the off-world support, including Light based ET space crafts in our air space, and the support of the angelic kingdom and Source itself.

Meanwhile humanity continues to be played by the two headed mafia who are in reality the world’s secret government and their game plan is Partial Disclosure. Reports continue to filter out about what is in partial disclosure. Nothing of much interest as far as I can tell, secret bases in the Antarctic, the end of the RKM’s trade agreements, perhaps the exposure of pedophile rings but nothing that changes the world. No free energy, no disclosure of friendly ETs in our skies, no end to debt slavery, no end to the dark’s control over humanity’s financial systems.

That will all change soon and quickly. The dark’s detour is about to end. Their last card, partial disclosure, will spectacularly explode into full disclosure. Don’t know when and how but it promises to be quite the show.

Freedom for humanity…

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