Ending a Four Year Detour

Today is the winter solstice here in Canada. That moment in time when the sun is furthest south has already come and gone a few hours ago so our winter has begun and the days are now getting longer and longer.

I began my spiritual journey over a decade ago expecting a life altering shift to take place at the winter solstice of 2012, four years ago, but the dark highjacked humanity’s shared timeline using nefarious and malevolent methods and have taken all of humanity on a detour that has lasted four years and shows no signs of abating any time soon.

Looks can be deceiving and that is especially so at the present time when Trump and his personal form of narcissistic darkness is all the rage and the controlled media pretends all is as it should be. But do not be deceived; this four year detour is about to end!

My life has been singularly focused on bringing about a timeline shift for all of humanity into a timeline based in Light which is what was to occur four years ago. Ever since understanding that an unelected secret world government was preventing such a shift, I have targeted to strip away their power to allow the Light based shift to naturally occur. That work has consumed me and been my singular focus and all that was not this work has melted away. My marriage, my career, many of my friends, my avocation…all evaporated as my focus narrowed and became laser like targeting a new timeline based in Light.

About a month ago, information began coming in that humanity is in a pivotal time and my focus narrowed even further. I chose to stay home for the holidays so I could be one hundred percent dedicate to this work. On the first of December, a new phase began when my friend Katelon began opening her Divine gift for humanity; Sound Keys. These inaudible sound keys were entrusted to her in case the present detour took place and by happenstance, she opened the first one on the first of December; like her very own advent calendar.

These sound keys bring love and light to all; but also, perhaps especially, they attack the dark’s matrix. These sound keys attack the illusion of duality and scarcity that allows the dark’s timeline to continue to function four years past it’s expiry date.

The dark is reacting as one might expect; throwing everything they have into their attempts to derail the sound keys. Nearly every night Katelon is attacked and we meet via the internet each morning to compare notes. My role is one of protecting Katelon and re-installing cosmic law within her field by clearing it of any dark interference thus returning her field to sovereignty so she can continue to bring her gift to humanity; so she can continue to open a new sound key each day. Each key is different, each key is unique, and each key continues to operate as it is joined by the newest key. Together they get more and more powerful day by day. Today was sound key number twenty one and Katelon’s instructions are to open a new key each day until the Light based shift occurs.

Exciting work for both of us.

Here is a link to Katelon’s blog and further information on the Sound Keys: https://empowerandbalance.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/taking-the-gloves-off-the-sound-keys/

When you are shifting a timeline shared by billions of people you do not do it alone. Thousands around the world are participating in this work. Well known people like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Bernie Sanders in the States and thousands of lesser known people. Each of us is guided by our inner Divinity and together we are a formidable force making a shift like nothing anyone has ever experienced. Together, we are making a shift that is being watched throughout the universe and closely by thousands of ET space ships in our skies…all supporting us and cheering us on.

Being involved as someone with my ‘boots on the ground’ and supporting Katelon, another human with a unique gift for humanity is a great privilege.

Each of you who reads this is also making a contribution.

Soon the dark’s four year detour will end. May it end soon. May it end seamlessly. May it end for the benefit of all.

Freedom for humanity…

About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the ongoing process of bringing freedom to humanity; ending 60,000 years of dark control and domination.
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11 Responses to Ending a Four Year Detour

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  2. Judy Bates says:

    Lovely one John…thank you !

  3. katelon says:

    Great post John. What a 4 year journey it has been. WHEW!! I thought when I leaped from WA Nov. 1, 2012..all I had to do was make it to 12/21/12. 🙂 May the shift happen ASAP!

  4. sonianordenson says:

    Deep thanks, John and Katelon. Yes—may the detour end soon!

  5. Tricia Duffy says:

    This resonates with me. Be assured that there are many of us in countries around the world who are supporting this work. I too, feel that things are at a crisis point that will allow the changes to happen. We are very close so we need to stay calm and stay focused.

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