Short-circuiting the Trump Timeline

In the days following the US election I wandered around in a haze. I could see how the dark’s grip on humanity could be ended if Hillary had been elected but had no information about how that could be done in the event Trump was elected; except that it would be far more complex. The first step in ending the haze was to accept the fact that Trump had been elected. Fairly or unfairly, Trump had been elected. The haze further lifted when information came in that Trump planned to do somethings beneficial to the Light’s agenda based in truth and disclosure in the early part of his presidency. This was supported by a variety of channels reporting a high self of Trump that was outside of the dark’s control. Okay…lets wait and see.

Tomorrow will be seven weeks since the election, plenty of time to collect evidence of changes Trump will initiate and also plenty of time to gather information about Trump’s true intentions. What I have ‘gotten’ is that Trump has lost his way, and that if he ever had Light based intentions, they have been superseded as the dark in the form of the world’s secret government has tightened the screws and taken away Trump’s Light based options. Also, Trump failed to engage the Light based entreaties offered him, both at the physical and metaphysical levels…in short, Trump is playing the dark’s game of extending the existing dark timeline based in scarcity and duality; and is playing his well honed reality TV star persona to deceive the public to give him time to force through his self-interested presidential agenda. In order to do that, he is fully cooperating with the secret government and the agenda of partial disclosure has become more and more thread-bear, more and more bereft of truth and anything approaching genuine disclosure.

Time to throw Trump under the bus! Time to work on other options to bring forth full disclosure and the shift into a shared human timeline based in Light.

It now appears that two initiative are at the forefront of the work to shift humanity into a timeline based in Light. One is a world-wide financial reset. The other is a wide variety of energetic shifts affecting all of humanity.

First the financial reset. I am not directly involved but have information I will share. Currently, and for centuries, the world’s financial systems have been controlled by the dark. The secret government’s top dogs own all of the key financial institutions including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, nearly all central banks who govern each country’s financial systems, and all the major commercial banks the world over. With this level of control, the secret government has been able to create surplus and scarcity at will, using this to their advantage to create debt slavery the world over. They of course benefit from these debts by collecting interest on them and dictating terms to the governments thus indebted. ‘He who controls the debt controls the government.’

A Light based alternative to this corrupt system controlled by the world’s secret government has been in the works for decades. This alternative has the support of Saint Germain, an ascended master, who over the eons has amassed a fortune based on precious metals and gems which he has earmarked for the benefit and upliftment of humanity. A team of Light based humans with the help of expertise from several advanced civilizations, both off-planet and in inner earth have developed a seamless computer based transition from the dark’s manipulative and self-interested financial systems into a Light based financial system set up for the benefit of the greater good. The Light is well aware that the dark would love to steal these funds and use them for self-interested purposes and a variety of Light based sting operations have been carried out to uproot the dark’s existing capabilities with the intention of implementing the Light based financial systems world-wide once the dark can no longer tamper with them. That process is very nearly complete and the Light based financial system that values each of us for our intrinsic value is ready or nearly ready for roll out. This will trigger full disclosure, and perhaps the arrests of those who current control world finances. In any event, the secret government’s existing financial control will be ended and their financial capabilities will be no more than anyone else’s.

The energetic shifts are far more diverse. The fundamental shift is taking place at a world-wide level as the planet travels through a band of uplifting energies sent by Source. These affect all of humanity, including the secret government, and their target is the awakening and opening of all of humanity to higher levels of consciousness. The secret government continues to interfere with chemtrails, fluoride in our water, GMOs in our food, and a plethora of mind and spirit control technologies all in a losing effort to prevent humanity from awakening.

In addition, a wide variety of Light based energetic initiatives are taking place around the planet. One that has my personal support is the work being done by my friend Katelon to open sound keys that destroy the dark’s matrix and broadcast love and light to all of humanity. Katelon brought these keys into the world in case the secret government refused to surrender and cooperate in an orderly transfer of power over to Light based humans. That turned out to be the case and humanity is already on a four year detour within a dark timeline that began on the December solstice of 2012. Katelon opened the first sound key on December the first and has opened another sound key each day since. Today was sound key number twenty six. Each sound key is unique and each continues to operate in symphony with all the others that were previously opened; thus making the process more and more powerful day by day. Katelon has been attacked by dark energies on several occasions but together and with the assistance of powers far greater than our our own, she continues to bring her gift to humanity; the gift of sound keys that are destroying the dark’s matrix and exposing the illusion upon which the current dark timeline is based.

We are not waiting for Trump or for his administration and we are not asking permission from Trump or from the secret government that supports him. Soon the Trump timeline will be short-circuited. Soon this last dark attempt to continue the existing dark timeline based on illusion, based on scarcity and duality, will crumble and be no more.

That will be a happy day for all of humanity; a day when all of humanity shifts into a timeline based in love and based in Light, a timeline based in truth and disclosure, a timeline based in serving the greater good.

Now that will be a great gift to all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to Short-circuiting the Trump Timeline

  1. katelon says:

    Great post. Actually it has been daily day attacks. I appreciate your help and support.

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