The Surrender Option Ends

In April of 2012, information began coming to me that some members of the secret government wanted to explore the option of surrendering to the Light, setting the stage for an orderly transfer of power over to Light based people within humanity. I readily agreed to participate as an agent of the Light.

I was invited and taken to a high level secret government meeting in the etheric where I answered questions and promoted the surrender option. No other Light based representatives were invited although many non-physical beings came in with me and I felt Light and Love flowing from me throughout the etheric level meeting that lasted perhaps ten minutes in physical time. As this work progressed over the next three months, the Light set a final deadline of the June solstice which came and went with the secret government hardliners winning the day; and the surrender option went into hibernation. The Light imposed containment at that time, an angelic process, that prevented some of the dark’s plans such as WWIII and the use of nuclear weapons. Containment continues to this day.

When humanity chose an inclusive Ascension timeline six months later on the December solstice of 2012, humanity entered the dark detour that continues into the now, over four years later. One of the major advantages of this detour is that the secret government must be defeated before humanity ascends into a higher dimension. This means that those who do not choose Ascension will not be forced into a timeline designed by a dark secret government. Imposing a dark timeline on those who did not ascend was the fond hope of the secret government and a major factor in their decision to decline surrender.

Twenty plus months later, I became involved in another initiative targeting the surrender of the secret government. This time, another human, Katelon, joined me and we worked as a team. For nine months, from the fall of 2014 to the summer of 2015, we worked on this option. We used the same techniques I learned in that first etheric level meeting except we invited all kinds of Light based resources including some humans who were supportive of the surrender option, including some who were part of the secret government. An agreement was put together based on full disclosure and an orderly transfer of power over to Light based humans. In return the secret government and those supporting them received amnesty for their many crimes against humanity. Again, the secret government declined and, to my knowledge, no further surrender initiatives have occurred.

Dark based surrender only occurs because victory appears impossible; therefore, Light based options to ousting the secret government against their will have continued throughout. These Light based plans are ready for roll out.

The secret government has developed their own alternative to surrender. It is called partial disclosure and they hope to sneak it in during the honeymoon period of Trump’s presidency. They hope to dupe the Light and by the time humanity wakes up to the fact that things continue as before, they will be ensconced and able to continue their rule over humanity for decades more; one hundred years is their target.

These two competing timelines are on a collision course. Will humanity have full disclosure and the end of the secret government; or will humanity have partial disclosure and decades more of being enslaved and controlled by the secret government?

One thing is clear. The secret government is not going to surrender and if humanity wants to be rid of them, they will have to be ousted. Perhaps this is no surprise; the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) descended from the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria who used to execute surviving members of forces defeated in battle. I believe reports that existing secret government kingpins believe they are booby trapped and will die if they surrender.

Katelon and I continue to support the Light based efforts to bring forth a Light based shared timeline. Katelon began opening sound keys on the first of December and she opens a new key each day. Sound keys have two components, one is Love and Light, the other is of weapons targeting the dark’s matrix. Today was sound key number thirty three. All the sound keys continue to operate in symphony and a new level of urgency and aggressiveness happened in the new year. Number 32 (January 1) had the energy of a charging bull and number 33 (January 2) had the energy of an army.

The Light knows that partial disclosure is a dark ruse, and that Trump is a dark agent. The dark hopes to do a reality TV skit that ends in the dark continuing their control over the rest of humanity. The Light is not going to allow this to happen.

With the new year, the surrender option for the dark is officially ended. The Light is taking decisive action that will end the dark’s partial disclosure charade. Full disclosure is coming, and coming soon; ending millennia of the dark controlling and enslaving the rest of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to The Surrender Option Ends

  1. katelon says:

    Come on Light! Go team Go!. Let’s get the dark secret govt. shut down NOW! 🙂

  2. Guy says:

    Nice. The sooner the better!

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