Trump and his Timeline are Irrelevant

When I was a youth, one of the stories within my circles was of a mythical bird with a vulgar name I cannot recall. The story was that this bird flew in ever smaller circles until it disappeared up its own behind. We used to laugh at that impossible image. Energetically, however; this is entirely possible and is a pretty good description of Trump’s political trajectory.

Trump and his secret government backers are flying in ever smaller and ever more unsupported circles of darkness. The entire reality show surrounding Trump and his presidency is supported by the secret government’s media who treat it as relevant and encourage the rest of us to do likewise. The general plan is to create larger and larger wealth opportunities for the few, the elite within the US, by taking more and more from the many. In short, a reverse Robin Hood manoeuvre of taking from the poor to give to the rich. This is an extension of the existing timeline of duality and scarcity that has been foisted upon humanity by the secret government and the opportunists who support them. This timeline is obsolete and will soon disappear; taking away all the power of the secret government and their lackeys.

In short, the Trump timeline is irrelevant because it will soon winkle out of existence…fly up its own behind; so to speak.

Fortunately, humanity and especially the citizens of the United States will not have to wait until the Trump timeline does its energetic version of the mythical bird in my opening paragraph because a great deal of human misery results from this timeline and its messy death. Fortunately, humanity will be rescued from the Trump timeline by a replacement Light based timeline.

Over four and a half years ago, at the June solstice of 2012, the secret government and their backers, declined the Light’s surrender option and chose to ‘fight to the death’. Ever since that time, the Light has been working toward options that did not depend on the cooperation of the secret government. Options that de facto oust the secret government and take over world governance with Light based people in charge and with Light based systems supporting them. Slow but steady progress toward these aims has been made and these plans are now ready to be rolled out.

The Light’s take over plan is founded on Light based financial systems and on full disclosure.

Light based financial systems includes replacing the existing dark financial institutions with systems based in Light, widespread debt forgiveness, and the equitable distribution of Light based resources that have long been kept hidden from the secret government so they could not be stolen.

Full disclosure includes inviting the cooperation of various highly evolved civilizations, both from off-planet and from inner Earth. Also included is the truth about the current secret government and their many crimes against humanity. There will also be full sharing and world wide access to a wide variety of repressed technologies including free energy (ending the use of fossil fuels), faster than light travel and travel by intention, manifestation technologies and many more too wondrous to imagine.

Ever since the US election, the Light’s plans have gone into overdrive, knowing that the secret government now have a capable spokesman in the person of Trump, and would likely throw their New World Order plan into overdrive. That is what we are seeing being rolled out with darkness proliferating within Trump’s cabinet and their plans.

I was ‘asked’ to stay fully available over the holidays as a resource for the Light. My skills are at the level of energy and I regularly do clearing work eliminating dark interference and assisting others in remaining sovereign and free from malevolent interference.

The person I work most closely with at the present time is my friend Katelon. She is making a unique contribution called sound keys to the replacement Light based timeline. She began opening the sound keys on December first and opens a new sound key each day. Today was sound key number forty three. All continue to operate in symphony and each has a unique energy signature; today’s was the energy of sand, signifying in part that the sand in the secret government’s hour glass is fast running out.

All of this makes Trump and the timeline he is championing for the secret government irrelevant. The Light is taking over and the Trump timeline will be unfulfilled and winkle out of existence.

It is a great honour to be associated with this work and contributing to the shift soon to come; a shift into a Light based shared timeline based on full disclosure and Light based financial systems.

Freedom for humanity…



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