The Alliance – Trump’s Bosses

For years, I have been aware of a world wide dark secret government who controlled humanity and targeted to enslave them. A little over a year ago, the final pieces of who ran the secret government came together for me. At that time, there were two heads to this covert and unelected government. One was centuries old, all descendants of the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. A descriptive name for this head is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The other head are relative newcomers I have called the technocrats. They developed Tesla’s science after he died in 1943 using US government funding and US military protocols. By the mid 1960s they had developed a number of advanced technologies including free energy, faster than light travel, and time travel. They shared these with the RKM in exchange for a  seat at the head table of the secret government while keeping it all secret from the rest of humanity including the US government. This secrecy was ruthlessly enforced including well funded ‘wet works’ for killing those considered security threats.

Differences developed between these two heads and a mafia style turf war has ensued. The US election in November brought all of this to a head. Trump was supported by the technocrats and Hillary was supported by the RKM. The technocrats had ultimate control of the programming for the voting machines used in the election and rigged the election in favour of Trump just as Hillary’s nomination had been rigged to defeat Bernie Sanders. Trump is a front man and a distraction. The real power rests with the secret government, as does all policy and strategic decision making.

The secret government’s propaganda machinery went into full gear and the US public has been drawn into the distraction of having a reality show star as the president elect. Meanwhile the real action is happening behind the scenes on two fronts.

One front is enslaving the American people and creating a class based society of the slave masters, the rich and privileged (Trump himself is a shining example); and the slaves, the rest of the American public who will all soon be the poor and the disenfranchised. Progress toward this has been rapid and decisive; just have a close look at Trump’s cabinet and the legislation passed since Trump’s election if you have any doubts.

The other front is the mafia turf war within the secret government. A variety of sources, both human and off-world are reporting that the technocrats are taking over and all who resist them are being hunted down and eliminated. The Alliance is the name that has been chosen for the winner of this turf war. Some of the RKM joined the Alliance and those who resist are being hunted down and killed. Some are reporting this as a victory for the Light but it is simply unifying the secret government under one ruthless and self-interested head called the Alliance.

The Alliance is targeting to take over world wide; including the RKM’s financial systems, the RKM’s media and the RKM’s secret underground and off-world bases. The Alliance hope to distract the American public and the rest of the world through Trump’s bullying and reality TV presidency as all of this is consolidated. The ultimate objective is to stave off a Light based takeover for several more decades, thus continuing the present dark timeline based in scarcity and duality.

Trump himself is happily playing along since as long as he gets filthy rich and infamously famous, he will do as he is told. If he chooses otherwise, the ‘wet works’ will do what they are paid to do.

That in a nutshell is the plan under Trump’s presidency. “Give Trump a chance!” Ya, right.

Now the good news.

Ever since the secret government refused the Light’s surrender deadline at the June solstice of 2012, over four and half years ago, the Light has been working toward a Light based takeover of the world’s financial systems supported by full disclosure and truth in all matters. The secret government will be exposed within these initiatives and will cease to function. The secret government and whoever heads them will be permanently ousted from power. The current shared human timeline based on scarcity, duality, and serving the self-interest of the few will be permanently replaced by a shared timeline based on truth and disclosure, oneness, and serving the greater good.

This Light based takeover is cued up and will be happening very soon. The Alliance is aware of this and they are working at a feverish pace hoping to get humanity in lock-down before it happens. That will not be allowed.

Around the globe, a loosely knit team of Lightworkers is supporting the Light based takeover, each doing their own thing but following their inner guidance which is the coordinating mechanism.

I am proud to say that I am one of these Lightworkers and have dedicated myself fully to this work since the spring of 2008. One of my most important present day contributions is supporting the work being done with my friend Katelon. Katelon is opening a gift of Light each day for all of humanity that she calls the sound keys. She began opening these keys on December 1st and opens a new sound key each day. Today was sound key number forty nine. It was the whisper of the inner guidance within each of us. All sound keys continue to function in symphony; each making its unique contribution and together supporting the bringing forth of a Light based shared human timeline.

Trump and his secret government boss’s days are numbered. Coming soon: a Light based shared timeline; and all the darkness of our present world will be but a nightmarish memory.

Freedom for humanity…


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4 Responses to The Alliance – Trump’s Bosses

  1. katelon says:

    Great post. Thanks for all your work and help.

  2. Patrick Hair says:

    WHo will enforce the light-based take-over on the earth? There is no known light-based power who can enforce this that the general public has knowledge of. So who will make this happen?? Non-violent channellers and light workers will make the CIA and militaries stand down?

  3. Thanks Patrick…Truth and disclosure are the big enforcers. Once people know the Truth, the CIA will be forced to stand down. There are plenty of white hats in the military, including the US. The leaders of the secret government will not be free to give orders…all that is part of the plan.

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