And Now, The End is Near

I have been fully dedicated to ending the existing shared human timeline for nearly a decade. This timeline is based on scarcity and duality and has been imposed upon us by a dark secret government. This secret government owns the new US President and is going full out to capitalize on Trump’s honeymoon period by installing a fascist police state within the United States.

Everyday, I work at the level of energy in support of a Light based replacement timeline and part of this work is tapping into the energies and checking the dimming vitality of the dark’s attempts to lock in the existing timeline. As well, I support the Light’s work aimed at ending the existing timeline by installing a Light based replacement. Details, including the timing, of the Light’s takeover plan are not shared with me because part of my role is to share what I know here in this blog and in other aspects of my life. What the Light has shared with me is ‘and now, the end is near!’

Yesterday, inauguration day, was difficult for me. In the daily work that I do with my friend Katelon, we had hoped to avoid making Trump president by getting the shift done before inauguration day. That did not happen and it seemed a step backward; a consolidation of the secret government’s attempt to lock down their dark timeline, imposing it upon the American people.

In today’s work, Katelon and I were given assurances that ‘now, the end is near’. The likelihood is that the inauguration will be forever seen as the high point of Trump’s short lived presidency and what stretches out before him is a slippery downhill slope much like a ski trail cut into the side of a mountain. Why? Because the Light based replacement timeline will soon takeover and Trump becomes irrelevant within that timeline.

Trump chose Sinatra’s song My Way for his inaugural waltz and the opening line of that song is ‘and now, the end is near’. Prophetic? So it would seem as confirmed during today’s session at the level of energy.

Of course, Trump’s intent was to further the dark myth that Trump is his own man and has achieved this pinnacle of success as a self made man. All of this is part of the secret government’s illusion surrounding the Trump timeline. A self-made Trump supports their manipulations to get Trump elected since the people want change and a self-made man might bring change. The illusion worked and is being played for all it is worth. Perhaps Trump had some good intentions at one time but he is by now a puppet, a reality show diversion, as the secret government sets the agenda of his administration, appoints dark agents within Trump’s cabinet, and passes fascist legislation both federally and around the country capitalizing on having their agents elected in the majority in many jurisdictions. The truth is that Trump was never a self made success. Because it served the secret government’s agenda, Trump’s success was stage managed and assured by the secret government.

The secret government long ago identified Trump as their best chance of delaying humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline. Through the misuse of time travel technologies, the secret government explored the Trump timeline and even travelled into the past to alter recorded history in ways that served their dark agenda of staying in power. This has worked. The shift into a shared timeline based in Light was planned to occur no later than the December solstice of 2012 (over four and a half years ago) and success with the Trump timeline could extend this detour by several years, perhaps decades.

Those are pretty high stakes. Especially when it is acknowledged that this dark timeline is destroying Gaia and taking earth on an extinction course. Humanity does not have decades of grace.

Fortunately, ‘and now, the end is near’.

The end in this case is the end of the secret government’s timeline; the end of the dark detour they have managed to impose upon humanity. How does this affect Trump and his presidency? Trump and his bully tactics will have no place in the new Light based timeline and he will soon step aside or be shunted to the sidelines.

One of the more likely scenarios is for the Light to create a new political entity that will replace the existing United States of America. Some are calling this the New Republic of the United States. A Light based person would be the first designated president of the New Republic and Light based elections would soon follow. Other possibilities exist but Trump has no valid role in any of these…he simply does not carry enough Light.

And Now, The End is Near.

Hang onto your hats folks and buckle your seat belts. Change like never before seen here on earth is about to take over and a bright and beautiful Light based shared timeline is about to happen for all of us. Truth and full disclosure will be the mainstays.

Awesome in every way.

Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to And Now, The End is Near

  1. Graham Rodwell says:

    Thanks John and Katelon,

    This is the best news I have read in the past week. It confirms what some other reliable sites have mentioned regarding Trump not being as straight as he makes out.



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