Escalations within the Battle for Humanity’s Timeline

The battle for control of humanity’s shared timeline is heating up. It is a classic dark vs light battle being fought on our planet.

The dark is led by those I call the secret government. They have pulled off an illegal coup within US politics and are racing hell bent toward a fascist dictatorial regime using newly elected President Trump as their puppet and chief distraction. The secret government controls the media and have carefully crafted the illusion that Trump is this self-made and sovereign man who is destined to bring great change to American politics and to the American people. The secret government hope to capitalize on the honeymoon period of his presidency to complete the coup; changing legislation and creating a fascist police state while the duped American public wait for something positive to happen; caught up in the reality show of Trump’s blustering and bullying presidency. Trump himself is a pawn and a puppet in all of this. He has been brought under the secret government’s control and either runs their agenda or else! The secret government is appointing all of his administration and is writing all of his executive orders and the legislation being passed in various government jurisdictions. An ugly, ugly picture. In truth, a dark coup being reported with Trump tinted rose coloured glasses.

The secret government is desperate as the Light closes in and is poised to takeover. Ergo, the secret government is throwing caution to the winds by playing all their available cards to solidify their coup.

One of the most powerful and misused dark tools is the use of time travel technologies to loop time and give the secret government access to refight lost battles. In highly evolved societies, time travel is common place and a cardinal rule within cosmic law is that time travellers may observe the past but cannot tinker with it or make changes. Time travellers are observers not participants. Throughout the galactic wars that went on for millions of years the dark, under the dark creator god Ankara, respected cosmic law including the rules governing time travel.

The human dark learned to time travel in the 1950s and went rogue in terms of tinkering with the past; including creating time travel teams supporting human time travelling adepts who killed historical figures and rewrote their historical legacy in ways that served the secret government. Because Earth was quarantined, the Light was unaware and unable to intervene. The secret government gained many advantages through these illegal activities which played a significant role in the secret government’s ability to delay the Light’s planned shift into a timeline based in Light scheduled to occur no later than the December solstice of 2012, over four and a half years ago.

In the work my friend Katelon and I are doing to support the Light’s takeover of humanity’s shared timeline, we have gained first hand experience with the dark’s misuse of time travel technology. Katelon has been opening sound keys, one every day since December 1st. Today was sound key number 58. These sound keys are gifts from Source and will continue until the shift into a Light based timeline occurs. The secret government is aware of this work and of the threat it presents to their control of humanity’s shared timeline. As such Katelon has experienced many attacks over the last 58 days. These attacks are all at the level of energy but occur in the physical. These attacks are a direct violation of cosmic law which states you cannot enter another’s field unless invited. I have skills helping people clear their fields and set up protection from future attacks.

No matter what we did to protect Katelon’s field, the defences were breached and the attacks continued. A few days ago, information came in that the attackers were time travellers. They would loop time, entering her field in a timeline that preceded the protection and once in Katelon’s field, they would loop back into the present and do their worst; targeting to kill Katelon and coming close on a couple of occasions. Once we knew the attackers were time travellers, we requested Light based time travelling guardians and posted them at the dark’s entry point.

Last night, a decisive battle raged between the secret government’s rogue time travellers and the Lights guardians. The Light won a decisive victory and we hope these dark attacks are now ended.

This protection is rapidly being spread to other aspects of the Light’s takeover initiatives. And so, a major battle has been won by the Light and the secret government’s misuse of time travel has ended or will soon end.

The Light’s takeover of humanity’s shared timeline is long overdue and is very, very close to happening.

This will end the secret government’s American coup and return all of humanity to their evolutionary path; including a bright and beautiful Light based human timeline shared by all.

Freedom for humanity…


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