Ending the Secret Government’s Time Travel Abuses

My family gathered in the Rocky Mountains near Banff to welcome in the new millennium on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000. On the way, I played some squash with my kids and fell on the court, fracturing a rib. I knew there was more to the story and asked. It was to keep you from skiing as you would have suffered a far more serious injury. Okay, thank you.

Yesterday morning, I woke with that same pain in my ribs. Katelon and I are doing daily sessions right now and we put it on the agenda. The earlier information was correct but incomplete. Using time travel, the dark had already identified you as a threat and were targeting your demise. Skiing may have been fatal! Okay, double thank you…and the pain went away.

Using time travel to explore future timelines is well within cosmic law. Targeting to harm potential threats is a serious abuse. Earlier, information had come in that the secret government had abused time travel by altering the past. Another abuse since time travellers can observe but cannot interact while time travelling. A third abuse occurred during the work Katelon and I were doing. The secret government was looping time to bypass our defences and then returning to the present to refight lost battles. All of these abuses were developed under cover of the earth’s long standing quarantine and were therefore falsely rewarded in violation of cosmic law.

Hmmm…what can we do?

Information came in that our Light based ET friends had time travelling capabilities and were newly authorized to assist humanity in combating the secret government’s time travelling abuses. We requested this help and it was given in the form of time travelling protectors. Three separate battles have been fought since this protection was granted, and in each case the Light forces prevailed and the secret government’s time travelling attackers were disarmed and disabled; their time travelling privileges revoked.

Over the past several days, we explored the time travelling situation in depth. Here is a summary of what we have learned.

Firstly, cosmic permission was recently granted to our ET friends to respond to human requests for assistance in combating time travelling abuses; in much the same way as our ET friends were granted cosmic permission to prevent the detonation of nuclear weapons. One major difference, this capability was only available if requested.

Secondly, we (Katelon and I) could request this assistance within other jurisdictions and quickly extended it to the work of the Light based roll out team who are intending to bring forth full disclosure and Light based world wide financial systems.

Thirdly, we could make a blanket request to end all of the secret government’s time travelling abuses. This would have the effect of activating Light based monitoring and cosmic law enforcement of all of the secret government’s time travelling activities. The scope of this seems immense but we are being assured it is well within the Light’s capabilities.

Please remember that the initiative to end time travelling abuses is relatively new and Light time travellers are still being tricked on occasion; but all in all, time travelling abuses are being prevented and the secret government’s use of time travelling as a weapon is rapidly ending.

Ending the secret government’s time travelling abuses greatly levels the playing field. Abusing time travel was the secret government’s ace in the hole and once full disclosure is here, we will all learn of the times and places where time travelling abuses won battles that otherwise would have been lost or changed history to serve the secret government or looped time to bring in more dark resources. All of these abuses, and likely some we do not even know about, are or will soon be relegated to the dust bins of human history.

Without time travelling advantages and the ability to break the cosmic rules related to time travelling, the secret government’s days are numbered; and the replacement Light based timeline that is already cued up will soon be activated and become humanity’s shared timeline.

That will be a happy day and a blessed occasion long remembered by all of humanity.

Freedom for humanity…


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