Facilitating the Shift

Over a decade ago in May of 2006, I learned that in order to live my mission I would have to surrender to my inner guidance. I made that choice and, aside from a three month detour a couple of years later, I have followed my inner guidance without fail. My life changed dramatically a couple of years later as I left my marriage, quit working and moved half way across Canada to live in Calgary.

In parallel and complementary processes, I learned the life lessons necessary for living my mission and I learned about the current state of our world. By late 2o11, I was ready to live my mission; ready to give my gift to humanity.

In terms of the current state of our world: I knew a secret government existed and presided over all of humanity. I knew this secret government had developed an artificial timeline based on scarcity and duality and had imposed this timeline on all of humanity. I knew that living my mission required this secret government to be ousted either through surrender or by force. I knew that ousting the secret government was best done by developing and anchoring an alternative timeline based in Light. If the secret government surrendered, this timeline would quickly become humanity’s shared timeline.  In the absence of surrender, this timeline would do the ousting; and become humanity’s shared timeline as a result.

My term for activating the Light based timeline is creating the shift. The shift is based on two missing ingredients within the existing timeline; truth and disclosure. Truth is self explanatory. Disclosure is to expose all the secrets currently kept by the secret government. The secret government has closets full of secrets; their very existence, their many crimes against humanity, their control over humanity including a dark financial system and world-wide media control, their secret technologies such as free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel (based on zeroing gravity), and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. And of course, the granddaddy of all secrets which is the existence of Light based ETs in our skies offering assistance of all kinds as humanity shifts into a Light based shared timeline.

My role in bringing about this monumental shift is to act as a facilitator. I have skills at the level of energy, at the level of creation, and by following my inner guidance I have developed ways to facilitate the activation of the Light based replacement timeline. Long ago, I targeted to do this work as a team member and spirit connected Katelon and I to work together as a facilitation team in support of this work.

We (Katelon and I) did daily sessions for nine months ending in the summer of 2015 targeting the secret government’s surrender. I also worked on the surrender option back in the spring of 2012 when the Light set a deadline of the June solstice of 2012. In the end, the secret government declined on both occasions and no surrender took place.

Not to worry since the Light has been working toward ousting the secret government by force throughout the piece since it has long been recognized that a cooperative surrender may not be in the cards. I have not been directly involved in these efforts but have an overview understanding of the status of this work. The Light team is led by humans and is supported by Light based ETs. Their plan is to take-over the world’s financial systems and announce full disclosure, using force to prevent the secret government leadership from interfering or preventing the plan’s success. This plan is ready to be rolled out.

Katelon and I resumed our daily sessions in November of last year, targeting to facilitate these efforts. Each day, we work for two or three hours doing a variety of guided work at the level of energy, which is the same as the level of creation. We anchor the new timeline in Gaia, release the old timeline and let it dissolve, eliminate or reduce the secret government’s capabilities, take requests from the Light based roll out team, make etheric level connections so new resources can be added to the roll out team. In short, we do all we are guided to do to facilitate the coming shift into a shared human timeline based in Light. In addition, Katelon is being provided with a new sound key every day until the shift takes place. These keys are a gift from Source and she began opening them on December first. Today was sound key number seventy-one, a wake up bugle call for all of humanity. All the sound keys continue to operate in symphony with each other and their power grows daily.

The shift into a shared timeline based in Light is right around the corner. It will be happening soon and will forever end the dark’s control and the secret government’s criminal rule over humanity.

Facilitating this monumental and unprecedented shift is an amazing honour!

Freedom for humanity…


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