The Shift into the Light Team

I carried a well developed mission into this lifetime when I was born shortly after WWII ended; to assist humanity in their ascension process and to assist humanity in returning to their evolutionary path after millennia on a dark detour as a result of the galactic wars that raged for millions of years. These wars ended in the 1990s when the dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised all within the dark alliance to do likewise. Most took this advice and left occupied territories in order to return to their home planets and participate in shifting their society into the Light, targeting truth and individual sovereignty.

My mission became far more complex when earth’s dark masters chose to go rogue instead of surrendering and their attempts to subjugate and enslave humanity have continued to this day, over two decades after Ankara’s surrender. Instead of a cooperative transition into a timeline based in Light, these dark masters continued to impose their dark timeline based on duality and scarcity upon all of humanity. Over time, the off-planet support for the human secret government surrendered and withdrew, but the secret government has remained intransigent and continued their dark agenda. The secret government has two main factions. The RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) based in Europe, with bloodlines tracing back to the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas; and the Alliance, based in the US, who developed Tesla’s science after he died in 1943, using US government funding and US military secrecy protocols. The secret government now has free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel, and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. These technologies were shared with the RKM in return for a seat at the head table of the secret government; but were kept secret from the rest of humanity, including the US government.

Humanity began developing a Shift into the Light Team years ago to assist humanity to shift into a shared timeline based in Light and to provide worldwide leadership in the ascension efforts. This is a human Team of light based present and former world leaders in politics, finance and the media. Since the secret government has refused to surrender, one of this Team’s primary functions has become to oust the secret government against their will and take over world governance. The Shift into the Light Team has plenty of support with thousands of Light based ETs in our skies offering advice and assistance along with spiritual and etheric support from non-physical beings. Plenty of homework has been done and the Shift into the Light Team now has completed all the legal work to take over the world’s financial systems, do away with debt slavery, and replace the corrupt US government with a new legal entity which will return the US to their constitutional roots.

My work now targets to support the Shift into the Light Team; seeing them as humanity’s best option to end the destructive reign of the secret government. The universe connected me with an equally dedicated Lightworker with complementary skills, named Katelon. Since the first of December, she has been opening a new sound key every day. These sound keys are a gift from Source and today was sound key number ninety one, a Paul Revere like horseman sounding a clarion call heralding the coming Light based shift.

Our work has recently focused on coordinating the human/ET interface and expanding the mandate of the ETs where that is necessary. The ETs will only do what cosmic law permits them to do; after all, they are here to support the Light and the Light is observant of cosmic law. Ousting the secret government is work humanity must do for themselves but due to the secret government’s technological advantages, the ETs have been given special dispensation within cosmic law to level the playing field. For example, since early in 2012, the ETs have been preventing the use of nuclear weapons so that threat to humanity’s very existence is now gone. With the help of the sound keys, Katelon and I have worked to expand the mandate of the Light based ETs; to expand what they are allowed to do within cosmic law. We discovered that the secret government was abusing time travel and using their time-travel technologies in ways that violated cosmic law. As an example, they were altering the past (a cosmic law no-no) in ways that supported their enslavement agenda. Light based humanity did not have the capability to prevent these time-travel abuses so we were able to successfully petition the Light hierarchy to grant cosmic law permission to the ETs to end these time-travel abuses. Each time the secret government attempted to use their time-travel technologies illegally, these attempts were defeated and those participating were relieved of their time-traveling capabilities. Within days the time-traveling abuses ended. In another major expansion, the ETs were given permission to assist humanity in rounding up the top leaders of the secret government. The round up team had both humans and ETs and without ET assistance, this work could not have been done since the secret government leaders had far too many technological advantages. With ET assistance, this work was completed in a matter of days.

That is the present state of things as it relates to ousting the secret government and bringing forth humanity’s shift into the Light. The Shift into the Light Team now has the upper hand and their work can no longer be prevented or successfully opposed. The secret government is now largely toothless. The Shift into the Light Team is poised to lead humanity in the greatest shift ever experienced, into a shift into a shared human timeline based in Love and based in Light. They have a virtual menu of options from which to choose and this shift will soon happen.

Freedom for humanity…

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3 Responses to The Shift into the Light Team

  1. Judy Watts says:

    Thank you for all your years of dedication to humanity!. Just recently, after many searches for collaborating truth on line, combined with my own recollections of beyond third dimensional space and time, your insights support it all. And “all” is well….

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