The Enormity of the Shift

The last sound key was given to my friend, Katelon, two weeks ago, on March 2. We also received information that the shift into a shared timeline, based on truth and full disclosure, has occurred in the etheric and is simply waiting to be manifest into the physical. There is still no shift in our physical reality. What is happening?

First, a little story: In the early part of Eisenhower’s presidency, which began in January 1953, Eisenhower held a series of meetings with a Light based human looking ET.  This ET stayed in a Washington area hotel and met with Eisenhower upon request. In February of the next year, while on vacation in California, Eisenhower was taken to a secret meeting, at a nearby air force base, to meet with dark reptilian ETs. Spirit recently led me to the connection between these two events.

The Light based ET was offering Eisenhower a variety of advanced technologies, including free energy, faster than light travel, and manifesting of all that is needed for survival. All of this was free for the asking. Earth was part of dark held territory at the time, so who knows how things would have played out had Eisenhower accepted; however, many other civilizations had over-thrown their dark masters and returned their planets to the Light, so the situation was far from hopeless. As it turned out, word leaked out that Eisenhower was close to accepting this deal and the meeting with the dark ETs was arranged through dark contacts within the US military. Eisenhower was convinced to drop his plans to accept the Light based ET’s offer and that doorway into truth and disclosure closed.

Sixteen presidential elections later, and we (humanity) are once again at the doorway of truth and disclosure. A lot has happened in those sixty four years. The secret government developed their own version of the technologies offered by the Light based ETs but kept them secret from the rest of humanity, including the US government; using those technologies to further their agenda of enslaving the rest of humanity. Meanwhile all off-world support for the secret government has evaporated and the human secret government now stands alone. As can be seen in the actions of the Trump administration, which the secret government owns and controls, they have not given up and are working feverishly to create a master and slave enclave in the US. This is based on legislation and policies that make the rich richer and make the rest of the population powerless and disenfranchised…slaves in one form or another!

What is in the way of the shift? When asked, Eisenhower explained that he was advised that the Light based ET’s plan would result in economic chaos; and that was his reason for changing his course. Is that still in our way? Not really. Although it is true that whole industries go the way of the buggy whip, Big Oil being a primary example (free energy ends the burning of fossil fuels), the advantages far outweigh any negatives. Also, the Light’s roll out plan takes care of everyone so those out of work are not out of a livelihood.

So I ask again….what then is in the way? This is an enormous shift, so enormous that it is hard to get one’s head around it. Everything changes. All the lies we have been fed for generations are exposed. All the secret government’s crimes against humanity are exposed. All the unnecessary wars, all of their terrorists activities, all of the beneficial technologies that they kept secret, all of their malevolent technologies, all of their created diseases, all of their murders made to look like accidents or suicides, all of their lies that were forced on our education systems, on and on it goes. And that is just dealing with the secret government. In addition, there are the lies and deception fed us through religion, the whole ET situation and the fictions about duality and scarcity. The enormity of it all is the last hurdle being overcome.

Soon the Shift into the Light Team will be taking public action bringing truth and full disclosure to all of humanity. It is ironic really that two US presidents, Eisenhower and Kennedy, tried and failed to bring us truth and disclosure; and the current president is trying to prevent it all and he will also fail.

Soon, very soon, we will all witness an enormous shift into a Light based shared timeline based on truth and full disclosure.

Freedom for humanity…


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11 Responses to The Enormity of the Shift

  1. katelon says:

    Great summary of where we are at in this process. May the shift come quickly and then we, and the rest of the world can get on to new adventures!

  2. DoTheRightThing says:

    This is a mind boggling report. We have thought Trump was the one to bring the Light, not being a politician, being led to this position for years. Are there ANY in DC who are serving the Light that would be familiar to us? Will the pedophiles be punished for their crimes against children?

    • Thank you DoTheRightThing…I wrote quite a lot about the Trump illusion after the election which you can check out if you like. Some in DC are serving the Light, Bernie Sanders is a good example. The pedophile rings will be part of disclosure.

      • phair2 says:

        Bernie Sanders bows down to Israel and thinks the Palestinians are always wrong. I just don’t see that. Also, if so many are preventing this from happening, how will it be brought forth? The same old “Light People” talking about it in circles just results in laughter when you take it outside of the circle and present it to unknowledgeable people.

  3. Thank you phair2…the Shift into the Light Team is a world wide team and does not depend on any US politician.

  4. Danube says:

    What is in the way of the shift?
    The dark forces have been developing their hostage leverage mechanisms and at the same time developing exotic weaponry technologies that were wreaking havoc across the Galaxy, destroying entire planets, erasing entire civilizations.

    At a certain point they developed their most efficient hostage leverage mechanism.
    In secret, the dark forces have developed their most deadly weapon , the strangelet bomb.
    25,000 years ago they have created their second quarantine stronghold on planet Earth and transported part of their strangelet bombs and other exotic weaponry there.

    actual situation:

    • Thank you Danube…my sources tell me that the Chimera surrendered to the Light over two years ago and turned over their strangelet bombs to the Light in that process. This is no longer a factor. The shift is no longer being prevented by hostage threats.

  5. Guy says:

    We haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is well with you and katelon. Any current thoughts that you might want to share?

    • Thank you, Guy. Katelon and I continue our daily sessions and although they are sometimes short and uneventful, we are encouraged to keep the door open. We are assured that a widespread war is no longer possible and if the secret government tries that thru the current US administration, the shift into a Light based shared reality will be triggered in response. What is taking so long (over a month since the sound keys ended) to manifesting the Light based shift into the physical is complex and a bit mysterious still; however, it is slowly taking shape and could happen at any time.

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