The End Game – Humanity’s Shift into a Shared Timeline based in Light

Humanity is in the end game in the battle to control the timeline shared by all of humanity. It is a classic dark vs light battle.

The dark is headed by the secret government, a small self interested group of men with two factions. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) based in Europe; a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. They developed our current financial systems, control the media world-wide, and operate the dark’s central planning system. The other faction call themselves the Alliance and is based in the USA. They own and operate Trump’s administration. They are relative newcomers who developed advanced technologies in the 50’s and 60’s such as free energy, faster than light travel and time-travel technologies which they kept secret from the rest of humanity but shared with the RKM in return for a seat at the secret government’s head table.

The human Light is not nearly as cohesive or well organized but has all of the off-world support including a group called the round-up team, made up of equal numbers of humans and ETs. They received cosmic approval to round up the leaders of the secret government and sprang into action on February 12, nine or ten weeks ago. Within days, all the leaders were rounded up and secret government became leaderless. The round-up team continues to operate and enforce a ‘no new initiative’ policy. Dark lieutenants who violate this policy are also rounded up effectively sealing the secret government’s fate. The secret government will soon be exposed and their long rule ended.

The short lived drama of warmongering and escalating tensions by the Trump administration was a last ditch attempt to save the secret government by creating a major war. This  included the escalations of bombings in the mid-east and sabre rattling in Korea; all part of the death throes of the secret government. There may be more but these paper tiger machinations have no chance of success. Sealing the dark’s fate were the Russian fly-overs in Alaska where the Russians demonstrated their advanced defensive technologies given them by ET allies where they scrambled the electronic systems of the US defenders to prevent any form of retaliation. The message has been clearly received by the US military who ignored Trump’s order to station US military vessels near Korea to threaten North Korea in an attempt to start an armed conflict in the Far East. The US based Alliance portion of the secret government is or will soon be out of options and the Trump administration will soon be out of business.

Developments in Europe are less dramatic but also pointing to the demise of the RKM portion of the secret government. France is a current stronghold and the coming French election is much like the sham in the US last November. There are no Light based candidates. Britain’s election is another matter. The secret government hopes to use it to end the Brexit threat to the European Union, the secret government’s political invention. However, the secret government’s power in Britain wains daily and candidates free of their control are springing up everywhere.

The end result is not in doubt. Humanity will soon shift into a timeline based in Light which will end the dark’s long rule and replace their artificial dark timeline that is causing so much enslavement and misery.

Katelon and I continue our daily sessions facilitating the Light based shift. A human team of political, financial and media people prepared to initiate this shift is getting ever closer to taking action. They have a well developed game plan and widespread off-planet support. Even the missing ingredient of a credible US based supporter has been addressed and may have been resolved. With or without US representation, the plan to initiate the shift into a Light based shared timeline cannot fail since it is so well supported by the growing light based consciousness within humanity and by Light based ETs in our skies.

The shift into the light team will soon be taking decisive action birthing the shift into a Light based shared timeline for all of humanity. This will initiate beautiful and irreversible change here on humanity’s home planet; this fair but beleaguered planet we call Earth.

Freedom for humanity…


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5 Responses to The End Game – Humanity’s Shift into a Shared Timeline based in Light

  1. Patrick Hair says:

    “They received cosmic approval to round up the leaders of the secret government and sprang into action on February 12, nine or ten weeks ago. Within days, all the leaders were rounded up and secret government became leaderless. ”

    I just read an older article from April 19, 2016 that said the same thing. A few weeks ago the leaders were removed.

    So what’s really going on? Did it happen in 2016 or in February of this year?

    People are suffering every day and still waiting……..

  2. Thank you Patrick. The articles written in April of last year were premature and based on incorrect information. You reference the April 19 article which is a follow up to the April 12 article called “Leaders of Secret World Government are Gone”. A disclaimer is posted following the April 12, 2016 article. The round up did happen in February of this year and the suffering will soon end. Sorry for the confusion.

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