White Hats take over US Military

A highly significant event took place as a result of the Trump administration’s attempt to engage North Korea in a military confrontation. These attempts fizzled and fell flat. Why? Because white hats took over command within the US military and refused to follow the aggressive orders that were given by the Trump administration that targeted to escalate the situation eventually leading to bomber attacks of North Korea.

The controlled media covered up by claiming that Trump was misinformed as it related to the ship that was to be off the coast of Korea but was elsewhere and by downplaying Trump’s Senate briefing; but the real and thus far hidden reason is that white hats within the US military took over command and refused to support the administration’s attempts to create a new war in the Far East. The media played both events as ‘inept Trump’ because the intended ‘tough Trump’ card had been taken from them.

I am a Canadian citizen without insider information except that my friend Katelon and I connect daily at the etheric level with the Light based resources who supported and stage managed this momentous shift. Today, we asked for and were given permission to go public with this information. Here is how the white hats took over.

In February of this year, the Light Council gave the go ahead to Light based resources we have called the Round-Up Team to corral the top leaders of humanity’s secret government. Within days, using advanced ET technology and human negotiators, the top hundred or so leaders of the secret government on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world were rounded up and taken out of their leadership roles. They had the choice to stand down under a form of house arrest to later face the music of full disclosure or to leave the planet either to a Light based rehabilitation centre or through death by their own hand. The dark lieutenants left in charge were told they could carry on with existing initiatives but would face the same choices should they attempt a new initiative.

This ‘no new initiative’ clause is also in force as it relates to the Trump administration which is owned and controlled by the secret government. The Korean situation represented a new initiative and the round-up team went into action. Instead of rounding up the very public members of the Trump administration, the round-up team worked behind the scenes within the US military. Already, a number of white hats had risen to powerful positions and dark hats who stood in their way of taking over were rounded up. I do not have names, nor would I use them in any event; but the takeover was soon complete and the Trump administration was informed by the newly in-charge white hats that the military would not support their warmongering efforts in Korea or follow orders supporting those efforts. Very quickly, the administration chose to stand down and it is doubtful they will make further attempts to start wars elsewhere. A very positive development.

All of this is part of the death throes, not only of the Trump administration, but also of their bosses, a small group of self-interested men most descriptively called the world’s secret government. Here is my latest description of these people taken from a blog post earlier in the month: The secret government has two main factions. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) based in Europe; a group of about 100 families with common bloodlines tracing back to the royalty of the medieval kingdom of Khazaria between the Black and Caspian Seas. They developed our current financial systems, control the media world-wide, and operate the dark’s central planning system. The other faction call themselves the Alliance and is based in the USA. They own and operate Trump’s administration. They are relative newcomers who developed advanced technologies in the 50’s and 60’s such as free energy, faster than light travel and time-travel technologies which they kept secret from the rest of humanity but shared with the RKM in return for a seat at the secret government’s head table.

All of this is like a flashing green light for another Light based team of humans that we call the Shift into the Light Team. They have a well developed and legal plan to take over humanity’s shared timeline by replacing it with a timeline based in Light. It includes a light based financial system ending debt slavery and replacing the existing system with a financial system that supports light based initiatives and brings abundance to all of humanity. The Shift will also initiate full disclosure not only of the secret government and their many crimes against humanity but also of the Light’s many ET allies who are in our skies and offering to assist humanity with technology and Light based administrative systems. The dark control of humanity’s media will end and truth based media will spring up around the world. Peace will end all wars and negotiated settlements will replace force. These are just some of the immediate shifts as humanity moves toward systems and governance supporting the greater good and individual sovereignty; along with the end of exploitive practices so we can begin acting as stewards of our most precious resource, the world we live upon.

Without the muscle of the US military, the secret government’s days are numbered and soon, very soon, we will all witness the shift into a bright and beautiful timeline based in Light.

Freedom for humanity…


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9 Responses to White Hats take over US Military

  1. katelon says:

    Great post. I am soooo ready for the shift and ready to get on with my other light based work. 🙂

  2. John, thank you for this wonderful post. I have been sensing the unfoldment is very near and it is simply so wondrous to be here now.

  3. Thank you Katelon. 🙂

  4. Got my thank-you’s out of order…my apologies.

  5. pleiaidan says:

    Do you have any up to date information regarding the progress of the RV/GCR?

    Thank you.

  6. I pray this is correct information.

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