April Ends

Katelon and I work with a number of teams as we target to facilitate humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light. Some are high level teams of ETs and non-physical beings, some are entirely human, and some are a mix of both. All of our work takes place at the etheric level and uses non-traditional forms of communicating with these various teams.

The stressors on Katelon and me come and go but are consistently at very high levels. We both are one hundred percent dedicated to this work and our lives are otherwise on hold. In addition, the dark has targeted both of us and attempted to end our participation. This dark interference is lessening as the Light gains power but remains and is felt at both the physical and emotional levels.

The end of April was exceptionally stressful. The good news of the white hat take over within the US military made it seem a certainty that the human ‘Shift into the Light’ Team would initiate the shift before month end which had been their promise to us, confirmed several times over. To us, this was well past due since the last of the sound keys (#92) was given to Katelon on March 2nd; along with the information that the shift into a Light based shared human timeline had already happened at the level of creation and needed only to be manifest into our physical reality.

On the second last day of April (April 29th), the roof seemingly caved in and the human shift team informed us that they were postponing their initiation plans. Their reasons are flimsy at best but no real alternative yet exists and the shift remains un-manifest.


Katelon and I have met every day via Skype for over five months and the light at the end of the tunnel had suddenly been extinguished. It was a huge emotional letdown and we very nearly did not meet the next day, the last day of April. Fortunately, we did meet and it proved very fruitful…one door closed but another opened.

Overseeing the work of the many ETs supporting humanity’s shift into the Light is a high level council we call the Light Council who encouraged us to shift our focus toward increasing ET intervention levels. The human ‘Shift into the Light’ Team remains invited to our sessions and may take action at any time, but our focus and our energies are presently devoted to exploring ways to make full use of the superior technologies of humanity’s Light based ET supporters.

Already, the Round-Up Team (half human, half ET) has rounded up the top leaders of humanity’s secret government and is imposing a ‘no new initiative’ policy on the dark lieutenants filling the vacancies. Already, the US military has been taken over by those we call the white hats (Light based top level command), and ETs were involved in ‘convincing’ the dark hats to stand down.

Already, in January and February earlier this year, another ET team we will call the Time Travellers ended the secret government’s time travel abuses and Katelon was inspired to request their assistance in finding solutions to humanity’s present impasse. The Light Council granted approval and the Time Travellers are now busy time travelling into the many possible future timelines that manifest the coming Light based timeline shift. Their mandate is to find those timelines that quickly result in a stable and sustainable shift into the desired Light based shared human timeline. We have already been assured that these timelines will then be targeted and fully supported by the appropriate teams including ETs where necessary.

April ended in disappointment but May is starting with great promise.

Humanity is about to shift into a shared timeline based in Light. No power on earth can prevent this and those currently opposed are losing their grip over humanity. Soon, very soon, a timeline shift will occur and humanity will enter into a new era; an era based in serving the greater good and in the full observance of Cosmic Law.

Freedom for humanity…


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12 Responses to April Ends

  1. katelon says:

    Great summary! I just posted my latest post as well πŸ™‚

  2. So much coming to fruition… Here’s a report from Pleiadean Resistance Movement http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2017/05/discernment-and-awareness.html
    Attacks on Lightworkers are stepping up, hopefully meaning the desparate end of Team Dark is near! Blessings and Gratitude!!

  3. Patrick Hair says:

    If it was supposed to occur in April, and the excuses for it not were flimsy (can you name some?) then when? How long? I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I live with a sick and suffering woman who needs help fast. 2024 will be too late for us. There are people suffering and dying every day. If there are humans who can make this happen in days or weeks, what excuse could possibly be good enough to vote for continued suffering and control by the last remnants of evil? Once again, I don’t mean any disrespect, but you were “insider” enough to give us the April timeline. So what is the new timeline or don’t you really know?

    • Thank you Patrick…wish I could be more forthcoming and may you get the help you desire. I did not include information on the reasons given and choose to keep it that way. No new timeline has yet been given us. On the positive side, the dark is losing control fast so something long before 2024 is assured.

  4. Patrick Hair says:

    Please understand that many of us, especially who are poor and can’t escape lifes’ roadbumps get our hopes up (like for Trump) to have them shredded time after time. It is frustrating, disheartening, depressing, and when hope fails it is replaced by hopelessness and even suicides. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but you have put up a website and write articles openly and in public for all to see. You are taking on the ramifications and effects of whatever joy or disappointment and accompanying anger that goes with that naturally. You are putting “stuff” out there, so naturally you’re going to get “stuff” back in return.

  5. Thanks John 😁

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