World-Wide White Hat Takeover

My oldest daughter was born on May 4th and at some point adopted a cute way of helping people remember her birthday, ‘May the 4th be with you!’ Thanks to the popularity of the Star Wars franchise, there is instant and universal recognition. ‘May the Force be with us’ is happening right now and quickly bringing humanity’s shift into a shared timeline based in Light from the back burner into being poised and raring to go.

How did it so quickly get from the end of April disappointment to this early May optimism? The success of the white hat takeover within the US military was a key factor, and Cosmic Law was petitioned successfully to expand this model to support the human Shift into the Light Team so they could confidently trigger the shift. Thus beginning the role out activities around the world, resulting in a shared human timeline based in Light.

How did the white hat takeover in the US military happen? There was already substantial support for shifting the orientation at the top level of the military into agendas based on preventing further expansions of military conflicts. The Round-Up Team had already (in February) rounded up the top leadership of the world’s secret government and the ‘no new initiative’ policy has been successfully enforced. When the secret government ordered the Trump administration to start a military conflict with North Korea, the Round-Up Team sprang into action. They gave their support to those embracing resistance to these warmongering activities and rounded up those saying, ‘We have to follow orders’. The net result was a secret military refusal to support the Trump administration in their warmongering North Korean activities. Faced with an open mutiny, the administration quickly stood down and the warmongering ceased.

Could this white hat takeover model be expanded to include other key resources prior to initiating the shift? Cosmic Law was granted and an additional resource was added into these takeovers. This resource is time travellers who travelled into the future of every possible white hat takeover in order to choose the most successful and those with the highest leverage for a successful timeline shift into a shared human timeline based in Light.

Some current dark institutions will have to wait until after the shift and be transformed or destroyed from the outside in. However, several key institutions currently under dark hat leadership were targeted and are now white hat takeover institutions. How? Ownership or director boards are brought on board first which sometimes requires a white hat takeover at that level. ETs are part of this process including technologies well advanced over anything available to the human institutions so ‘resistance is futile’; to quote another catch phrase, this time from Star Trek. Once ownership is onboard, it is a relatively simple matter to install the white hats in positions of authority. Optics can be important so existing dark hats are sometimes being allowed to continue appearances and remain in charge during the day to day running of the institution. When the shift is initiated, the white hats will spring into action taking over for all to see.

What kind of institutions are being targeted? The Shift into the Light Team is targeting to take over the world’s financial systems, bringing in financial shifts that defund the secret government and begin a Light based world wide financial system; so organizations supporting the existing dark financial system are being heavily targeted.

The media is a key resource and is currently controlled by the dark secret government. A number of the existing media conglomerates are being targeted. For a little while after the Light based shift, there may be an information battle between the dark media and the white hat takeover media but the outcome of such a battle is not in doubt. Even one media conglomerate switching to truth would be sufficient and several media conglomerates have white hat takeovers cued up and ready to spring into action when the shift is initiated.

The human Shift into the Light Team has also been targeted. Those who reneged on their April promises are either transformed or have been replace. Those with doubts are supported in new ways. There will be no repeat of the cold-footed back-out that we saw at the end of April.

Soon, very soon, humanity will witness the greatest shift that can be imagined; a shift from the current dark timeline into a shared timeline based in Light initiated by a human team of politicians, media and financial people all supported by the white hat takeovers of several key institutions.

Truth will be available to all and trumpeted by the white hats who are taking overΒ world-wide.

Freedom for humanity…


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13 Responses to World-Wide White Hat Takeover

  1. katelon says:

    Great post. Looking foward to the shift.

  2. John, thank you for the update! I have sensed an amazing surge these last 24 hours.

  3. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    A more positive outlook?

  4. Sarah Shiddian says:

    WOW! What else to say! Ah yeah… it’s about time! πŸ˜‰ ❀

  5. angelstation says:

    And I like it , I like it, I like it,
    I li-li-like, li-li-like
    Here we go-oo-o…….. πŸ™‚

  6. Denise says:

    Excellent! Am waiting breathlessly…

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