The Truth Sets You Free

Humanity is about to enter into an era of truth. That may sound like no big deal but I  know differently. The truth does set you free; or at least begins the process but first it has its way with you. Ugly truths are especially difficult and sadly, humanity’s truth is ugly; very ugly.

First, one of my personal experiences with truth. My middle sister of five, Jackie, was sexually abused by her father, my Dad. My sister went on a truth outing and visited me in the fall of 1981 during a western Canada tour to tell all six of her siblings. It was a shock to me although there had been clues but I quickly worked through the various stages of accepting truth; denial, shock, what does this mean for me, and integration. By the end of the evening, I asked what she wanted to do. She wanted to confront her Dad but was afraid to do it alone, and she wanted her mother to be informed but did not want to do that herself. I offered to help if someone closer (I then lived in a remote mining town) could not be found.

About six months later I checked in with Jackie and she told me that things had stalled as no one had been willing to help. I agreed to help and we made a plan. I would arrange a meeting with Dad in our home town where we would confront Dad and inform him that he had to tell our Mum, his wife of over thirty years, the truth of the matter. I would follow up with Mum to insure the truth had been shared.

I called Dad and arranged the meeting for a Friday morning at a motel room Jackie and I rented; just Dad, Jackie and me. As I recall, I did most of the talking, putting the truth on the table and waited Dad’s response. He agreed that this had happened and asked what we wanted. We want you to tell Mum. Although he was convinced this would end his marriage he agreed. That ended our meeting and off we all went.

On Sunday, I made my scheduled trip to visit Mum and Dad, assured by Dad that Mum was now informed. During my visit this was confirmed and Mum wanted a private audience with me. Off we went and Mum explained that she had chosen to stay in the marriage even though she had long ago promised herself she would leave if she ever found out Dad had been unfaithful to her. She considered this situation much worse than unfaithfulness but when she checked in her heart, she knew she was to stay. I assured her that it was her choice, no one else’s, and that I was fine whatever she decided.

And so the truth was out and we were all free; kind of. That fall, another major step was taken when the entire family gathered at a meeting chaired by a phycologist that Dad was seeing. We all had our say and forgiveness was initiated. Dad lived another thirty years together with Mum until he died at the age of 88 in 2010. Each of the siblings has handled the truth in their own way. Jackie has four children and many grandchildren and is married for the second time. Does she have some residual issues? Perhaps but she is pretty well adjusted all things considered. Our oldest sister was sexually abused by an uncle which remains her secret and she is estranged from the rest of the family partially as a result. The rest of us interact pretty well and family visits are generally fun and harmonious.

The truth does set you free.

What is humanity’s ugly truth? A small and secret group of self interested men control humanity and have imposed an artificial timeline based on scarcity and duality upon the rest of us.

This group of men is our defacto secret world government. They own and control world finances, all major media conglomerates, and all major industries. They have advanced technologies that they have kept secret from the rest of humanity including free energy, faster than light travel, and time travelling capabilities. They have many malevolent technologies designed to dumb us down and prevent us from escaping their enslavement. They instigate and profit from wars and terrorist activities which they create in order to stay in power. They attempt to kill or discredit anyone they consider a threat. Until a few years ago, they had plenty of off-world support that encouraged such things as pedophile rings and human sacrifices. Some of these practices continue to this day.

Sound ugly enough?

Over the past couple of decades, all off-world support for the few has evaporated. They now stand alone and the illusion they stand on is like ice getting thinner by the day. Off-world support for the Light is growing daily and humanity is near the tipping point, near the point of truth and full disclosure.

The Trump administration is their puppet. Watching their growing panic and desperate maneuvering is my current entertainment; sad as it may be. Soon, very soon according to my information, truth and full disclosure will come to all of humanity.

The Light will take over the world’s financial systems defunding the secret government. At the same time, several of the media conglomerates will shift into the Light thereby destroying the secret governments present media monopoly. Truth and full disclosure will result.

The truth is ugly, very ugly indeed! Still, the truth will set us free!

Freedom for humanity…











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4 Responses to The Truth Sets You Free

  1. katelon says:

    Thanks for sharing. As we’ve discussed in our daily work sessions, the truth revealed will be a shock for most people and yet, there will be much help springing up around the world, both from humans, healing centers, and off world help, that will smooth the way.

    Time to end this timeline and move into truth and an amazing light filled world and existence. I’m excited that we are being told that the shift is very close to being initiated.

  2. Thanks for the update John. Yes, the truth is our liberation.

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