The Alliance and their Puppet Dictator

To understand what is happening in the US these days one has to understand that a secret and unelected government exists in the US and is running the Trump administration. The power behind the US presidency and behind Trump’s administration is a small unelected group of men who call themselves the Alliance. Trump is their wholly owned puppet…nothing more and nothing less.

There is a well defined and well understood agreement between Trump and his bosses, a small group of men who call themselves the Alliance. Here is the secret  agreement. The Alliance agrees to protect Trump from truth and impeachment and support Trump in becoming the all-powerful dictator of the US in return for Trump agreeing to run the Alliance’s agenda of creating a fascist state that is not accountable to the people. In other words, Trump can act as if he is the dictator of the US but he is really just a puppet dictator because he must at every decision point and each legislative choice support the fascist agenda of his bosses, the secretive, unseen and unacknowledged secret government. The rest of this blog post will be about the Alliance.

Humanity is currently ruled by a secret government; a small and unelected group of men with strongholds in Europe and within the USA. This secret government has two heads. The European based Illuminati, more descriptively called the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) and the US based Alliance. The Alliance are relative newcomers who developed advanced technologies during and after WWII using US government funding and US military secrecy protocols. The Alliance chose to keep this technology secret from the US government and from the rest of humanity but shared it with the RKM in return for a seat at the head table of humanity’s secret government.

A mafia style turf war developed prior to the US election last fall and the Alliance targeted to take over within the US and turn the US into their fiefdom. With a variety of dirty tricks and voter fraud including ultimate control over the voting machines used in the election, the Alliance won the election, electing their puppet Trump. Thus began their agenda of taking over the US government including many of the RKM’s US based assets. The Alliance installed their agents throughout Trump’s administration and have written all of his executive orders and the legislation such as the replacement health care plan. But mostly they have targeted to destroy the existing social order with the intention of replacing the existing governmental structure with a dictatorship.

The secret government owns and controls the media who treat Trump’s ‘take from the poor and give to the rich’ agenda as legitimate under the guise of ‘making America great again’. The Alliance are the ultimate fascists and hope to succeed in a fascist coup of the US political and social systems. Getting votes in two years or in four years is not on their agenda. They are running scared knowing the Light is closing in and going hell bent toward a fascist state in the US where elections are no longer required or fraudulently carried out as is the case in all countries run by dictatorships.

How can the Alliance hope to succeed with this unpopular albeit secret agenda of turning the US into a fascist dictatorship?

One of their secret technologies is the ability to travel in time. They travelled into the future to identify Trump as the best candidate to be their puppet dictator. They travelled into the past and changed the past including some of recorded history in ways that benefited this agenda, making it a possible timeline. They intended to continue to use this time-travel capability in support of this agenda but this option was recently taken from them as ETs are now preventing their abuse of time travel technology.

The secret government took over the media world wide several decades ago and use this control to manipulate public opinion, keep their secrets, and forward their secret agenda of enslaving all of humanity. This world wide media monopoly continues to this day. Yes, parts of the media complain about Trump and his style but no part is allowed to attack his agenda or expose the truth. Among the many truths that are tabooed to the media is the very existence of a secret government, the existence of ETs, the CIA’s support of terrorism, the immorality of debt enslavement, pedophile rings, widespread corruption within the US political system; even environmental degradation. This list is nowhere near complete but you get the picture.

The Alliance are experts in keeping secrets. They have well funded secret organizations they call ‘wet works’, their euphemism for murder squads and a great deal of secret technologies to murder people they consider threats to their agenda. Often, they make these murders look like accidents, suicides and even natural. They have technologies to create cancer in otherwise healthy individuals, technologies to give healthy people heart attacks, technologies to remotely control automobiles and airplanes to cause crashes, drone technologies and many, many more. In addition, they have experts in threatening people and making their threats believable. Why do you think Comey is not talking?

Can the Alliance succeed in creating a fascist dictatorship in the US? No they cannot.

The Light has a well developed plan to take over world governance. This plan is based on a Light based take over of the world’s financial systems, removing artificial scarcity and forgiving debt world wide. Economic slavery will end as abundance becomes our shared reality. Another major plank of the Light’s take over plan is to take over several existing media conglomerates and have them report truth; real truth, in all situations. This will end the secret government’s control of the media and all existing media conglomerates will very quickly face the choice of switching to truth based reporting or going out of business.

A human team of Light based politicians, media people, and financial people is poised to initiate these shifts and bring Light based governance to humanity. This will be happening soon, very soon. It will end the fascist takeover in the US and end the secrecy and the power of the Alliance. It will expose the RKM and end their centuries old plans to enslave humanity.

Freedom for humanity…


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8 Responses to The Alliance and their Puppet Dictator

  1. katelon says:

    Great summary. Time for the shift now.

  2. Thanks John. Great update! Let’s get this shift going 😀

  3. Thanks for the update – it gives me hope. At first I had some hope for Trump and some white hat factions taking down the Deep State, but this explains why all of his appointments and decisions are so appalling. Freedom for humanity!

  4. This explains everything. Never seen the situation explained so well as it is here. I was very confused. Now I get it. Thank you.

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