Shifting into a Light Based Shared Human Timeline

The battle for humanity’s shared timeline is entirely a 3D battle. At the higher dimensions and at the level of creation, the battle has already been won…by the Light. At the 3D level, the battle rages and within the illusion of the dark’s matrix, winners and losers appear very much in doubt.

Lets look at the major players and how they are positioning themselves. The existing timeline is an illusion created and maintained by the dark, by those I call the secret government. By controlling the world’s financial systems and the world’s media, the dark has kept this illusion in place and convinced the vast majority of humanity that no viable options exist.

The secret government has two heads. One head is based in Europe and can accurately be called the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). They have been in power for centuries, with a well developed strategic planning system and a great deal of sophistication as it relates to marketing their activities, making them look palatable to the masses, even though their secret objective is to enslave all of humanity.

The other head of the secret government is based in the US. They call themselves the Alliance. They are relative newcomers who developed Tesla’s science beginning when he died in 1943 and his working papers were given to the US military by the FBI. Within a few years they developed free energy (encoded in all of space), faster than light travel (using zero gravity), time travel technologies and a wide variety of mind and spirit control technologies. Instead of sharing these with he rest of humanity, they chose to keep them secret, even from the US government who paid for the development work, but offered them to the RKM in return for a seat at the head table of humanity’s dark secret and unelected government.

A battle for control within the US began prior to last year’s election with Hillary supported by the RKM and Trump supported by the Alliance. The Alliance won and are now targeting to take over completely within the US. The Alliance lacks sophistication and has no coherent central planning system. Their leadership is much like Trump who serves as their frontman and spokesman. They are good at keeping secrets and at using bully tactics and mafia style methods to get their way; employing among other methods well funded ‘wet works’ to intimidate or murder anyone they consider a threat to their empire or their many secrets. By any measure, they have been highly successful as the general public is essentially unaware of them or of their technologies and very few insiders share any of their secrets.

The G7 meetings in Italy last week marked an unofficial declaration of war between these two factions of the secret government. Trump and the Alliance are going full throttle toward an Alliance led fascist dictatorship within the US that will serve the few at the top and disenfranchise everyone else. The Alliance is divorcing themselves from most if not all of the RKM’s initiatives; such as the RKM trade agreements, the RKM Paris accord on the environment; even RKM defence alliances such as NATO. Meanwhile they are taking over all the RKM’s US assets including government agencies like the CIA, FBI and the IRS. ‘We do not need you’ is their message to the RKM. Instead, the Alliance is sucking up to the Russians and the Chinese, hoping to create a new world-wide dark alliance. At home (in the USA) they continue their take from the poor and make the rich richer agenda and hope to complete the coup already well underway; creating a long lived dictatorship relying on election fraud to stay in power.

In Europe, the RKM fight for their very life. More and more people are seeing through the illusion that they do not exist, but successes like the French election show their sophistication and their continuing ability to sway pubic opinion in their favour. The British election next week will be another test. Will Brexit (Britain leaving the EU, the RKMs political creation) actually happen…I am not betting on it.

Now the good news. None of this actually matters. None of this matters at all.

Why is that?

The Light based alternative timeline is cued up and will soon be put in place. This Light based timeline will replace the existing dark timeline. A Light based team of humans supported by Light based ETs will initiate this timeline by taking over the world’s financial systems and creating a number of Light based media conglomerates reporting truth and beginning full disclosure. The financial takeover will end debt slavery by forgiving all immoral debt and ending interest charges on debt. It will end financial slavery by providing base funding for everyone and defund both heads of the secret government using white hat takeovers of all major banking institutions. White hat takeovers of several major media conglomerates is also cured up and this will take place in conjunction with the financial takeovers.

These changes will initiate the new Light based shared human timeline. Free energy will soon follow ending the burning of fossil fuels. All wars will be defunded and soon end as will most of the current terrorist campaigns. Humanity’s ET friends will become front page news and ongoing dialogues will ensue as they assist humanity in the transition into world-wide governance that serves the greater good and is observant of cosmic law.

These are just a few of the beautiful and Light based changes that will soon ensue.

Freedom for humanity…


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14 Responses to Shifting into a Light Based Shared Human Timeline

  1. Thanks John! Can’t wait!

  2. Some other sources are saying there are multiple factions within the Alliance, just as there must be multiple factions working with the RKM. Could it be that Trump, Putin and some other leaders (that the corporate media love to hate) are actually working together to bring the debt based slave money system and the NWO elites down? In Trump’s inauguration speech, he spoke of “releasing the technologies of tomorrow, ending diseases, and the exploration of space”. Food for thought…

  3. campuslady says:

    Thank you for the new information

  4. Tom says:

    Hard to tell what’s going on ! Putin is still shooting down U.S. and Israeli jets… that war could boil over at any moment ! Most of the world is still at a really low consciousness level ……Trump is a younger soul with a big ego and makes a lot of really ridiculous statements. Really hard to see anything improving any time soon.

    • True Tom…especially if you rely on the controlled media for information.

      • Tom says:

        I don’t rely on the controlled media ! We keep hearing over and over ( by metaphysical sources) that things are going to get better, but they never do ! I am starting to think that this process is going to take much longer than previously thought. I wish it were not true…..I wish it could happen in a flash , but now i am thinking 20 or 30 years before this world looks like what we lightworkers would like to see.

      • I believe you Tom, else you would not be reading my blog…sorry to hear you are losing faith in something happening soon. Hang in there.

    • Di, Cerrillos, NM USA says:

      You and I haven’t seen the Russian planes shooting down anything. This is what is being told to us. The PTB are still trying to start WW3. Keep an open mind and on the prize of a world without war. How do you know that ‘the world is still at a really low consciousness level’? I do not know that. Trump is our POTUS and trying to clean things up while fending off those with a vested interest in the status quo. I can only watch the battle. We are treated to the likes of Kathy Griffin…dear me. What was she paid to destroy her career? The rest of the world must think that we have low consciousness. I am very tired of people like Megyn Kelly being rude to Mr. Putin. How many times must he say that Russia didn’t hack the election? Clinton tried the very tactic that Bush used to ‘win’ his election and it backfired on her. This last election revealed many big egos, what’s new? Ridiculous statements dominated, we saw past all that (or some of us did). I see some really big tantrums and ‘I’m moving to Canada’ bloviating. They didn’t move and showed themselves to be powerless. What they aren’t is silent. I have raised 4 three year olds and they didn’t act out like these marginal celebrities. We are being presented with bread and circuses. get some chips and salsa and watch the show, just don’t believe it is reality.

      • Thank you Di… having our own point of view and not believing the show is reality is key to shifting into a light based reality. IMO, part of the controlled media is the fiction that Trump is somehow part of the solution. Otherwise we are on pretty much the same wavelength. 🙂

  5. ma pantha says:

    Things do happen in a flash, occasionally. But that is after a major build-up of intentional energy directed towards that outcome, that may have been building for 10s, 100s, or 1000s of years. In other words, when the time is right, things happen in a flash. And time is elastic, and truly malleable to our thoughts, since we create our own reality.

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