The Light Council

Overseeing humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline is a group of highly evolved beings called the Light Council; some are physical beings but mostly they are non-physical. Katelon and I check in with the Light Council each and every day in our sessions targeting to facilitate humanity’s timeline shift. One of the Light Council’s primary concerns is that cosmic law be observed within the shift activities.

The earth’s current dark masters, a small group of men I call the secret government, violate cosmic law routinely in a wide variety of ways. This was encouraged and rewarded when earth was part of dark held territory which lasted for thousands of years but ended a couple of decades ago when the dark creator god surrendered to the Light’s agenda.

The secret government went rogue at that time and continued their attempts to subjugate and enslave humanity. As a result, they have continued their violations of cosmic law wherever possible. Katelon and I have several times petitioned the Light Council to allow supportive ETs to intervene on humanity’s behalf and end cosmic law abuses since humanity could not do so on their own, lacking the necessary technology. Some petitions were granted, others were declined. If you want more information  check out Ending the Secret Government’s Time Travel Abuses written on January 31 earlier this year.

The current episode of daily sessions with Katelon began over six months ago some time in late November of last year. On December 1st Katelon began opening the sound keys. The sound keys are Divine gifts to humanity which target to end the current timeline, a dark timeline based on deceit and artificially created scarcity. The last of the sound keys (#92) was given Katelon on March 2nd along with the information that the shift into a Light based shared human timeline was complete at the level of energy and would soon be manifest into our physical reality. That was over three months ago and still the Light based timeline is not manifest.

A human team we call the Shift into the Light Team is charged with the responsibility of initiating the desired Light based shift. They have a well developed plan based on Light based takeovers of the world’s financial systems and the world’s media, along with disclosure of the dark secret government and an invitation to our ET supporters that will fulfill the cosmic law requirement that ETs go only where invited. The secret government has made sure this invitation has not happened depriving humanity of the ETs wisdom, their support and their prosperity technologies. Once the Shift Team initiates, our shared reality will quickly shift in awesome ways including advanced technologies such as free energy (ending pollution) and faster than light travel. The Light based reality will also end aging and disease as humanity returns to their evolutionary path, regaining many lost rights and capabilities.

The Shift Team kept procrastinating and in early June, information came in that the Light Council had granted Katelon and I a larger role within that team; a role of coaching and of overseeing the Shift Team’s agenda. We continue to use non-traditional methods  and have had no 3D communications with any Shift Team members. None the less, we are now directly involved and our work has resulted in a number of tweaks and several personnel changes including a recent key addition. We are also bringing a new level of accountability to the process and a new level of urgency. All of this work has been intense!

Other teams involved in the shift process report that humanity is close to entering chaos and the Light Council is targeting to get the shift done quickly so that does not happen. Ergo, our increased authority.

Coming soon, brought to us by the human Shift into the Light Team and overseen by the Light Council…the initiating event introducing humanity to a new shared timeline based in Light. This event will begin full disclosure and start a roll out process resulting in beautiful and irreversible changes benefiting the greater good and in full compliance with cosmic law.

Freedom for humanity…


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12 Responses to The Light Council

  1. katelon says:

    Love this post. So much light. I’m so excited about his new phase and hoping that finally, quickly, the shift gets initiated and we get on to more fun!

  2. Thanks for the update John. The work you and Katelon do is very much appreciated.

  3. Patrick Hair says:

    I liked this post a lot more than previous ones. In this one you admit or seem to admit to your own FRUSTRATION and disappointment in relation to the lack of 3D earth manifestations of positive change. It’s hard to imagine flying ponies and rainbows when you never see them. And as you say, it has been 3 months since the release of the final key that was supposed to begin the physical transformation of life on earth. I know that you will always have your fans and they dare not question or give you a hard time. It’s just not in their nature. But a lot of readers become disheartened and upset with the apparent lack of substantial progress. This newsflash was at least realistic. Positive but not jumping up and down through the ceiling . Thank you .

  4. Very interesting to read this on the day of our General Election in the U.K. which has been a polarised battle between light and dark more so than any other I remember. There is definitely more engagement than before and a hunger for change.

  5. fulldisclosure85 says:

    What can I (or anyone) do to help the process along? Also, what should we focus on to prepare for this shift?


    • Thank you Cassi…Here is my affirmation that I use several times a day. ‘I am creating a sacred space; a space of Love and Light. This space is activated in the Now, anchored in Gaia, connected with Source, and growing in size and in strength. Cosmic law is fully in effect within this space and the existing quarantine of earth and of humanity is ended.’ You are already prepared Cassi. Btw, what is the 85 in your blog name?

      • fulldisclosure85 says:

        It’s my birth year. 🙂 Thank you for the reply. I have one more question if you don’t mind. Once this happens, will things actually be different for everyone? How do you see things changing?

      • Everything changes…free energy ends carbon based fuels, ETs are part of an ongoing dialogue with all of us, the secret world government is exposed and disempowered, world finances are taken over by the Light ending debt slavery and systems funnelling money to the rich, individual sovereignty is widely supported…just to name a few.

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